Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Get All Dolled Up

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Get All Dolled Up-photo

Looking for a Robert Pattinson to call your own? Yearning for a Kristen Stewart that doesn't always look like she wants to bite someone's head off?

Then the Tonner doll company has answered your prayers! The company has just unveiled its Twilight series of dolls, featuring miniaturized versions of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

The Edward Cullen figure stands a mean 17 inches and boasts 14 points of articulation, while Bella comes in at about 15 inches, has 15 points of articulation and sports a Twilight-authentic outfit.

The dolls go for $125.99 each. Yikes; that'll take a bite out of your savings.

Have your say in the comments section:

Do you think the Twilight dolls are realistic, and would you pay $125 for them?



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  • luis

    hola son mui parecidos higual que en la pelicula megustaria comprarme uno pero nose si ya estan en venda en españa i sino cuando saldran en venta en españa

  • anna

    ajajajaja they dont even look like they are the sh*t ajaja they look like 99cents sh*t lol

  • Anna

    ha-ha-ha... these dolls are ridiculous!!! : )

  • reaL

    they are cool dolls but dont worry people that pricenis njust for now wait for next few years and theyll be sheap as a doll from goodwill dont take me wrong i love twilight too but the creator of the dolls think we are stupid and guess what i am not so ill wait ja ja ja ja ja

  • klein

    hahahahahahah! cute dolls but.... it looks ridiculously funny.. hahahahahahahah.. peace!

  • raivo

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  • getsomesense

    is it me of does Kristen Stewarts doll look like Detective Scully from the X-Files. *x-files theme song plays*

  • raivo

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  • onnisha

    Hell no thats insan for a dool i mean dont get me wrong twilight is awsome but i would never pay 125 bucks for a doll when u could take that and go see them in a concert or something thats ridiculous

  • venom11

    LMAO!! R they for real??!! As much as I love twilight, Edward and Bella..Not MY money *hisses teeth* ridiculous indeed.

  • Cherry

    Cute... but no. Im not that desperate to look for my own Edward

  • aarantxa

    125 ! OMG haha i dont have that money :( its expensive .. haha But its Twilight 8-)

  • juli

    sorry, but kresten it's not the same... robert so so... and tayler is more equal

  • danybr

    Ahhh! No!

  • Elsie

    A lot of people don't seem to understand that Tonner is a well established collectors doll company and that they have made dolls of book and film characters for years. It's not like Stephanie Meyer sold out to Mattel or something. Theses dolls are not the 16.99 quality Barbies. To someone who appreciates what it takes to sew scaled down clothes, and hand painted faces, these dolls are an entirely different thing. And worth what they are priced.

  • joe

    Like I said before...they are trying to make as much money they can out of these books. This is utterly ridiculous, even if they were $5.00, it is still stupid. I really cant belive that Stephanie let it get this far out of hand, she had to have some say in it, it is her book series. ... right, because a lady who writes mediocre teenage love stories about vampires MUST have some artistic integrity, right? judging by the story she wrote, this lady is probably more than happy to be milking these kids for all they're worth

  • joe

    they need to make the girl's face longer, and her chin needs to be a little bigger. that is one ugly girl. she must have a great personality

  • Sophie

    i would NOT pay that much for a doll that doesnt even look like them, making a doll out of them is just ridiculous and dumb

  • Ana

    Like I said before...they are trying to make as much money they can out of these books. This is utterly ridiculous, even if they were $5.00, it is still stupid. I really cant belive that Stephanie let it get this far out of hand, she had to have some say in it, it is her book series.

  • see

    Please shoot me now. D=

  • Sara

    I'd rather have the stand ups of the characters. At least THEY have the details right and for a more reasonable price.

  • abby

    oh come on.the real people are better than that.i don't like dolls.get something better,like a perfume or big posters.

  • Howie

    The Bella doll looks more like Esme!

  • xxalyxx

    125 FREAKING BUCKS????....You have GOT to be kidding me! Even if those dolls are an exact replica of the actors, that's an ridiculous price to pay. Besides, the only ones who would be complete mental to pay for them are the overly obsessed Twilight teenage fans who are in desperate need of therapy. You honestly think they have that kind of money to for something so ridiculous as that?

  • Annabelle

    How about no?? Thats ridiculous, $125 for a piece of painted plastic? lol...I rather buy the things worth getting like books, dvds, posters..etc AND they don't look like them either ;p

  • Suzan

    Let's spell correctly Twilight "Ride" not ridge, hoping not hopeing and buy not by. See what happens when I'm annoyed. And besides all of that, the stupid things don't even look like them. AGAIN SHAME ON THEM

  • Suzan

    What a joke.......These "dolls" are ridiculous and ridiculously over priced. Poor Rob, Kristen, and Taylor, if your going to be immortalized, let's have Lady Trudeaux's Wax Museum do it. Just some other company jumping on the Twilight Ridge and hopeing that the public and true Twihard Fans are STUPID enough to by this crap. Shame on ya'll

  • yup.

    Lol this is ridiculous. PS: Celebuzz, you wrote: "Yearning for a Kristen Bell that doesn't always look like she wants to bite someone's head off" I think you meant Kristen Stewart, no? :)

  • miranda

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! lmao/lol....

  • dd

    this is almost as bad as having a twilight perfume, no?

  • jennifer

    sorry i quit playing with dolls when i was like 8 years old and i dont care if they are from twilight i would rather have the real rob than a doll that looks nothing like him, plus no doll is worth that, maybe if the profits were going to a good cause i might buy one but oher than that no thank you.

  • iluvedward

    It takes away from the characters having the ridiculous dolls!!! I mean i LOVE Twilight so dont get me wrong there.