Robert Pattinson Loves His New Beard

Robert Pattinson Loves His New Beard-photo

Robert Pattinson has abandoned his razor ... temporarily at least.

The Twilight heartthrob was photographed at LAX rocking some serious facial hair. (Inspired by Zac Efron perhaps?!)

What do you think of RPattz's burly new look? Comment below!

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  • Star

    HE IS UGLY WITH his beard! Let's shave!

  • Charlotte

    Looks like a terrorist! UGH! Shave!!!![/q lmao! he does

  • Charlotte

    ure a fool. he looks ugly, he looks like a caveman, seriously


    Oh gosh, he looks more like a hobo than he already is. HE NEEDS TO SHAVE IT OFF

  • sj610

    He could play as Ned Kelly; vampire to Australian bush ranger xD

  • joejgirl

    he looks like a rapist

  • hb


  • Zavia

    WoW.....poor thing gotta grow a beard JUST 4 U CRAZY STALKERS TO STOP F- N WITH HIM JEES NEXT THING U KNOW IT MIGHT BE SUICIDE LOL but the beard is kinda growing on me maybe hes tryna look like kings of leon lead singer i mean he doesnlike there band... watcha say...but he look hot either way it go..

  • me

    hobosexual ;-)

  • mstre11

    love him but not the beard!!He looks better with jus the scruffy beard now that's sexy on him!!

  • Nymph555

    Maybe Robert will be freakin' out if he will be followed by PAPARAZZI upto the TOILET? LOL! LOL! LOL! If I were him I should cover my whole body with my furry beard so that I would'nt be seen by paparazzi. Looks like playing hide and seek? Exciting, isn't it? LOL! LOL! LOL! But even if you will cover yourself with that bushy beard Rob, I will still be able to find you with my bare hands. Yeah, with my bare handdsss!!! Just by mere touching and feeling, you will got no escape Rob! Wan'na bet Kristine? LOL! LOL! LOL! Love you Rob!

  • jenn

    he reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix (sp?) lol, if he lets it grow out anymore, he will definitely look like him, but maybe he did it so that he wouldnt be so recognizable, poor guy cant go anywhere without being chased down.

  • mai

    I would bang him anyway

  • mackenzie432

    some fans u guys r....he grows a beard to disguise himself and all of a sudden the name calling pour out.......AMAZING!....Not only would i grow a beard to hide from the paparazzi but i would also gain a thousand pounds! lol

  • elle

    He is one hot man! nuff said.

  • Nelly

    For heaven’s sake…who cares? Poor guy is on vocation. leave him alone!

  • Shiping Toohey
    Shiping Toohey

    LMAO ITS SANTA!!!!!!!

  • Shiping Toohey
    Shiping Toohey

    ewwwwwwwwwwwww f*cking disgusting!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lollie

    Beard? I love it so that Kristine could not kiss him and leave him, and will stop treating him like a dog..LOL!

  • Xenia

    I really hate beards coz your 10 yrs. older than your actual age! But its an effective disguise also inorder to have some space for yourself of being harrased like Rob. For a pretty boy like him, only one streak of a razor brings him back to his Edward look again. Maybe that beard will stay longer until he makes another movie playing again a different kind of character. It's a pretty long wait to go Rob?

  • Emmy

    I guess Rob is hiding his sexiness to ward off female fans and paparazzi. Who will not get tired of 24/7 ordeal being mobbed and chased all the time??? With no breaks??! That's terribly exhausting and annoying! Knowing Rob is a very quiet and private person enjoying his comfort zone away from the limelight. When its time for work, it's work. But when its time for personal space, it should be his. But that's not the case because he is always assasinated all the time in and out of the room. But no worries, because one shave off and his back to his sexy hotness again!

  • imogen

    Interesting facial hair...well, if he wants it, I guess he just won't be getting kissed for a while - hehe! I almost like it, somehow. Almost...

  • alize

    Beard or no beard, Mr. Pattinson is hot. He can do whatever he wants.

  • robstenize

    Ummm ...what kristen say about kissing her boyfriend now?

  • lully

    he dosn't heve to do what you want him to do!!! do whatever you want rob....

  • jesslynluvrobsten

    SHAVE! GO SHAVE YOUR BEARD! ITS UGLY!I LOVE WITHOUT YOUR BEARD! cause if u with that beard, u looks like an old man

  • simplydiffer

    him and kristen should grow beards together.

  • noah

    Why racist? Because he hates black vampires, like Blade.

  • sophie1986

    This is easily movie news. Pattinson is getting into character for “I'm A Motherf*cker: The Motion Picture”.

  • rororosey87

    Despite the clothing he looks like he doesn't belong in this century... Maybe he can be in a Civil War biopic next or at least after Breaking Dawn and Unbound Captives?

  • annabannana56

    He looks like an alcoholic racist. Why racist?

  • obsessed

  • noah

    He looks like an alcoholic racist.

  • Cinderella

    Oh my God! Please, Rob shave yourself! :-)

  • Kieran

    Looks like a terrorist! UGH! Shave!!!!

  • Master


  • dakota

    eeeeww thats not my eddiee :( i love rpatz but not with the beard