Robert Pattinson Presenting At Golden Globes

Robert Pattinson Presenting At Golden Globes-photo

Who wins and who loses at the Golden Globes is no longer important, as the little golden awards will be overshadowed by the presence of Robert Pattinson himself!

The Globes have announced that the Twilight stud will serve as a presenter at the splashy awards show on Sunday January 16, which means Twi-hards across the world will be swooning and, alas, Rob will be fair game for jokery when hilarious host Ricky Gervais hits the stage. R-Patz will join Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez and more yet-to-be-announced star presenters.

Now on to the speculating: Will Kristen Stewart also take a break from filming Breaking Dawn to pop up at the Globes? And almost as burning a question: Will Rob wear a tuxedo?

Talk it out in the comments and tell us - what do you want to see from Rob's presenter gig?



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  • karina

    wooow hes hot

  • jm

    The is sooooooooo freakin ugly an it is very creppy when old and married woman has a crush on him. He is gay pot smoker geet a live ppl u should get a live andd stop giving comments over people u don't even know personaly u are so rude why not just let them be and stop waisting u'r internet for crappy comments

  • Pru

    The is sooooooooo freakin ugly an it is very creppy when old and married woman has a crush on him. He is gay pot smoker geet a live ppl Get a dictionary, Tyler.

  • Natanaele

    Amei o vestido

  • Mércia

    Selena I loved the dress was perfect!

  • robkrisfan

    Hope Kristen gets to go as well

  • pam

    robert pattinson hello I love your style hope you come to Latin America really would be very nice for your fans to come ....

  • Febb


  • Beach Gurl
    Beach Gurl

    The Twilight actors can't talk without a script. Kristen is just plain goofy and the rest of them just are awkward. She reminds me of Lisa Marie Presley, always pissed off or something, who ever interviews her she won't look them in the eye.. Taylor was the only one who even said anything half way intelligible. I don't get why the Kardashians won anything. That show was fun at first till they started staging everything. They are all about money and have no substance. Just my pov..

  • seharniazi

    great im so happy now i can't even wait to see him in golden globe awards he deserves it................

  • DownToEarth

    Emma ...thanks because I I like REAL Men with you go and gawk at Juster Bibber I second that statement!!! but I guess what it all comes down to is if one prefer a MAN or a prepubescent boy lol

  • vanessa

    I hope that miserable chick doesn't go with him.... Kristen is a major downer. Hate her,

  • Rodica