Is Robert Pattinson a Snob?

Is Robert Pattinson a Snob?-photo

Robert Pattinson, star of the upcoming Twilight and beloved fan favorite, may not be as unfazed by Hollywood as he's made himself out to be. 

Robert, who has always played himself off as the humble, modest type—claiming to be over-chatty, shy with girls, and even the dive-bar type—has lately been revealing a more arrogant side to his personality that has clearly been jaded by Tinseltown. 

Celebuzz has received word that during two of Robert's most recent public appearances, everybody's favorite vampire was acting just a tad too Hollywood.

According to a red carpet witness at the Sex Drive premiere, the once press-friendly actor was the last to arrive and refused to speak to any members of the press. 

"I was yelling for him to come over, and he just acted like he couldn't hear when he obviously could," the source explained. "Then he got off the carpet to dawdle for a while before the movie started."

At the T-Mobile party, Robert even went so far as to turn away fans requesting a quick photo-op.

According to the fan, Robert explained that he didn't do pictures and that they weren't really his thing.


Has Robert turned into the typical Hollywood snob before his film has even hit theaters?



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  • Ann-Sophie

    rob is not a snob he is perfect h e has a life 2. if he doesn't wanna go on a picture of something he doesnt wan it,place urself in his place

  • Sydney

    OMG Who even knows if this stuff is true? Benefit of the doubt if you ask me……all evidence shows that this guy is polite and charming…. I dont beleive in any of this BS. He has the right to not sign auto graphs if he wants, i just think people are making it sound worse than he actually is, i always see him on tv and on the internet signing auto graphs for people. He’s just really shy, and thats why he doesnt like all of the attention, he doesnt like being looked at as a trademark. I know if i was in his situation, all of those ppl following me around all of the time would get pretty bothersome. i would still love my fans though and im sure he does love his fans, its just annoying being followed everywhere you go…right? everyone is just making the whole situation sound worse than it actually was. he proves himself to be a polite, kind, and shy person. Hes allowed to have feelings and a personality.This is all very new to him, and he’s still getting used to his new life.p.s. its not a crime to cut ur hair, its your hair do what you want with it.(and HE DOES WASH HIS HAIR, when he said tht he didnt it was mistaken that he was only JOKING)

  • reality

    lmfo almost all the people that arecommenting this article are in love wiff rob and are defending him wether or not they have met him or not. toughten upp biddiess your sh**s weak . your acting really pathetic.

  • tiffany

    yes he is a target for fans...but they made him. He is a jerk, he acts like he is the best actor, and a sulky chad.....I wish he would go away, he shouldn't be an actor.

  • jenna

    and i read all the books

  • jenna

    he is not a jerk he is a sweet guy oh and did i menchin a hot guy i wish i new him and i would date him and im like obset with twilight i cant wait til new moon so he is not a snob he is nice to his fans and he is is funny he all all the qulities that im in to in a guy

  • anne

    yes i totally agree with u like so much i agree with u cuz ya mayb that person was just to much annoying!

  • Bobby Corwen
    Bobby Corwen

    Some celebrities deny signing autographs, photo shoots, and even interviews. Like for example Greta Garbo and a late actor known for his blue eyes. They could be denying these "opportunities" for various reasons. So I recommend not to write off Pattinson as "snob" just yet... Unless you consider shyness a pinpointing characteristic of an average snob, consider yourself being unreasonably quick to judge... This "ONCE press-friendly actor" was ONCE a "press-friendly actor...therefore Pattinson avoided a severe allergic reaction. Smart man. :D

  • Rene

    I am a HUGE fan of the Twilight sagas and I have read all of them several, several times. At first I did not think that Robert Pattinson would be the BEST choice for Edward, but then again - how are you going to find a god or angelic like beauty outside the pearly gates... Well, to answer the question presented... When I heard about it being filmed from Stephanie Meyer’s site I instantly went to look for who was playing the main rolls and did tons of research on them. Mostly I have found that many of the people who HAVE met him love him. They say that he is so humble and sweet that it would break your heart. Case in point, he could have been a real jerk about the MTV cut off, but he took it in stride and never bad mouthed the guy who interrupted his segment. I mean, in MY humble opinion, I think he has done a great job with being shoved out into the spot light. Not everyone can be "ON" all the time. Everyone has the occasional bad day and I have heard that he is notoriously late for interviews – he has a hard time with mornings –LOL! Anyway, from what I have seen and read he is very lovable. Sorry that this is SO long winded.

  • Bernie

    u know some celebs r just like that, but not Rob!!!! he was just probably more shy than usual cuz he is getting a lot of paparazzi! he's not used to it yet. and i bet u he did talk to some people. ur just being a whinny baby and complaining cuz he didn't talk to u! Rob is amazing! he is down to earth and shy. he probably just got attacked by a fan or something that's y he was a little camera shy. or maybe he just got into a fight with a friend or family member. u can never be sure. don't judge people so quickly! u don't know him, so don't act like u do! he is an amazing actor and a human being, give him his space! he talked to u before and now he didn't talk to u one time. so now ur writing an article complaining he's a snob? NO! u just can't do that! that's just gayness! ur just gay, so just stop harassing people!

  • anita1987

    Although some of the others have been a bit rude, I can just agree. I mean Rob does everything he can to make his fans happy. He writes autographs, he hugs some people like this little girl in Austin, he attends film festivals or calls in if he can't make it, he literaly does more than he needs to. I think he's just not used to this life yet. I could imagine it's quite tedious, especially because fans and press don't know his limits. So he did not want to talk a picture with this fan girl, but he takes pictures with hundreds of other people and at least she knows that she met him. Some other fans would do everything just to get the chance to meet him. She got that chance and still complains about not having a picture? That's absurd, sorry. About the thing at the sex drive premiere: Did you ever experience how it's like to being photographed by hundreds of paparazzi and have hundreds of strangers scream your name at the same time? Maybe he was just busy with being photographed by other people, maybe he've had enough for one day or maybe he didn't hear you, because people were screaming like hell, like on Comic Con. You got pictures of him before, you met him before. Isn't that enough? Seriously people, give the guy a break, show him some respect, don't say he's a snob when he's just behaving like every other HUMAN would be and don't freak out because you are not his first priority, because that is really childish. Give him a break. He's just human and not used to this life yet.

  • Lisa Tarvin
    Lisa Tarvin

    Just another reason I never believe or buy the tabloids. Thank you for reminding me just why I don't.

  • torez

    Celebuzz sucks.

  • sania


  • joannabeal

    You wrote an article based on some unfounded second-hand accounts? Seriously? That's pretty desperate, hah.

  • anonymousid

    twilight fans are avid supporters, especially of their edward cullen. i've never visited these kinds of sites before, but i felt bad for robert pattinson, or anyone else in this industry. i'm very sorry that his politeness and respectfulness are questioned. not answering questions when someone is yelling them out, not really caring about your answer, would turn me off, too. better to say nothing, than to be rude. if he is who he seems to be, then that'd be a pretty valid reason, i think :P plus, i'm pretty shy, too. and i know that keeping quiet and fidgeting is really comforting hah:P

  • Annie

    I'm just gonna go ahead and say what everyone else said just because I'm angry with this ridiculous article. I completely agree with the fact that they just made that article so they'd get more views on their site and I don't understand, it's like he declines a couple of interviews and pictures and suddenly he's a snob? That doesn't make any sense, at all. These people are just making him seem like a bad person because he probably doesn't enjoy a million people in his face every single second of every single day. I mean if I were him I'd get sick of it too and people should be thankful that he doesn't flat out say 'No I'm not going to take a picture with you' I mean no one would actually do that but at least he's nice enough to decline politely. I'm not saying I understand what that feels like but I can imagine that being bombarded by thousands of fans every week isn't exactly too much fun and based on the articles and videos of him at other public events he seems extremely humble and polite. At the 'How To Be' screening in Austin he absolutely insisted that he sign autographs outside of the theatre because he said that some of his fans waited 8 hours and that it was the least he could do. And I know that I would be upset if he said no to me but I'd get over it, it's not that big of a deal. Honestly, this article is complete BS.

  • Edwardlover

    Nice celebuzz, nice. But I would say, what nice crap! Congrats! Are they just looking for something new to write and get attention? Because it sounds crapish to me. If they are looking for a new thing to write about, they should write about something real! Gosh. Whoever wrote this article doesn't know what it's like to be tortured by the press wherever you go!!!! Ugh. Umm... and whoever was yelling at him... maybe that person was a little bit TOO annoying, don't you think? Haha, yes. Pictures of him were able to be taken, and it looks like he allowed pictures, because he is in pose! So stop the bragging! Gosh! Like, seriously. Don't always try to find something to write about so you can get attention. Once again, congrats on this crappy article. I can even write better than that. Anyone agrees?

  • Ihduh

    This is utter sh*t. Quit trying to turn Rob into the 'bad guy.' There are heaps of photos online from fans that did get pictures and autographs with/from him both those times. Even if he did happen to avoid an interview once or twice, can you really blame him? He's had the same questions being thrown at him for months now and everyone should know by now that he feels uncomfortable answering those questions. Give Rob a break. He hasn't done anything to you-- you're just trying to garner more attention for your site. Congratulations. You did. And now tons of fans are going to turn away.

  • mercilisjayde

    omg no rob is not a snob!! i met him at his concert in hollywood! he is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet! and maybe he just doesnt wanna talke pics with every single person! i know i wouldnt. so cut him some slack ok

  • deb

    hey i wouldn't go up to someone who would be yelling at me either it would be incredibly uncomfortable, and judging from FAN encounters, you know people who actually did meet him and talked to him, say that he's the sweetest guy! taking his time to go through his fans and answering their questions... its really sad that celeb buzz who did interview Rob at the VMA's would write out an article purely on A (one) source being pissed off because he/she couldn't meet Rob...

  • Christar

    Rob is in no way a snob. Every time I've ever seen Rob he is sincerely sweet and more willing to meet his fans. Last week in Austin during a screening of his new movie "How to Be", he all on his own, decided to hold an autograph signing for all his fans. It was HIS idea. So, to say he's a snob for maybe deciding not to do one interview is a little harsh.

  • olivia08

    Big Deal, he was out to enjoy the film! ..and there are pleanty of fan photos from the premiere, surely him taking the time to meet his fans over the press shows what type of guy he is? T mobile party, I for one have seen a number of fan photos including Rob and co-star Nikki Reed.. I Feel sorry for Rob, he doesn't give you one interview and he's a snob!? He's a lovely guy that deserves non of this crap, he is always more than happy to meet any of his fans, and we love him for that! Celebuzz has seriously just gone down in my estimations, not really into people that bash the good ones!

  • jmarcs

    don't hate, guys! keeps in mind, whoever wrote this was QUESTIONING whether or not he was a snob, not DECLARING him a snob

  • bawwow

    These sources probably just caught him at the wrong time......who really cares?

  • Bree

    Nope. He's not a snob. I personally met him at the WGG and I can honestly say he was the most sweetest, polite, and down-to-earth guy I've met in a long time. He was literally on his way out of the club, with his assistant pushing him and ushering him when we found him. All he could have done was wave and walk out the door, but he actually STOPPED and said hi. To his assistant's dismay, he had a brief conversation with us followed by some pictures. Then we told him we didn't want to pry and shook his hand goodbye. Also, I hear he actually went over to the stands of fans at the Sex Drive premiere (I've seen pictures that confirm it). To be honest, a lot of celebrities don't do that, especially when it's not their movie. I realize a lot of people have brought it up too, but he went to the screening of How To Be at the Austin Film Festival and stayed afterward to meet and greet fans. Again, he didn't have to do that; it was all his idea in the first place. There is no denying he is polite and friendly to his fans. As for how he decides to behave with the media, I don't blame him if he one day becomes a "snob" to them. As a matter of fact, I'm surprised he is still amiable considering how they interview him, take pictures, and then turn on him by writing crap articles like these. Why don't you ask his real fans, Celebuzz, before you write rubbish based on the accounts of reporters who have a bad case of sour grapes?

  • Maria

    he's far from being a snob. I just think these kinds of sites are trying to post anything relating him in order to get thousands of views and whatnot .. lame..

  • Jenbarn76

    Please get your facts straight before posting and strating rumors. Rob is opposite of Hollywood. He has nothing but nice to his fans.

  • yup

    Nice! took what, a week for you guys to turn on him? Last week he was your golden boy, and now apparently he is acting like a time why don't you check the facts around your supposed sources stories...everything you "reported" has been disputed by actual photos and fan stories on other sites...good grief...give the guy a for me, I know I won't be wasting my time ever again visiting this site...

  • janey

    Link to Rob posing for photos with fans on the night of the t mobile party. You really are full of sh*t celebuzz (you dont even lie well) and it really is goodbye now. Before Rob fans said nice things about this site and it got good publicity. Not any more.

  • norcal2011

    I know I said I wouldn't visit this site again--but had to get the last word in. Here's a link from IMDB with pictures of Rob answering questions at the AFF screening of How To Be. Check it out. Your web site is sorely mistaken if you think you can convince fans of Rob Pattinson of such bullsh*t--most are very well educated, have families, vote, have good jobs with disposable income--you screwed up!!!!!!!!!

  • norcal2011

    Rob Pattinson is the hottest, sexiest, and sweetest actor in today's market. He is not a snob as your site claims him to be. Several photos have shown him signing autographs at the Sex Drive premiere (not even his movie--but lots of attention from the media thanks to Rob--he just showed up) and answering questioning/signing autographs at the Austin Film Festival showing of How To Be. Get your facts straight. I sighned up for this web site only to defend Rob--won't visit it ever again.

  • pinkstarlett84

    You guys are full of sh*t. He did sign autographs.

  • janey

    Also while a remember Rob is very accommodating if fans ask for a photo. Just go check out Robert Pattinson Life blog and you'll see lots of images. Ones you dont have by the way. He didnt actually go to the film. He went off to the Kings of Leon concert that night. Sex Drive was a Summit film so no doubt he did a bit of pr to help the company but he didnt actually go see the film. Finally if you researched him better you'd realise at the Austin film festival it was he who insisted that he did a meet and greet with the fans so as not to disappoint them. It wasnt planned and he coudl have left after the Q&A but stayed as logn as he coudl before his flight. They had to hurridly put on extra security for him. Bless him so you have him all wrong. Now I think I'll leave this site and wont darken your doors again.

  • janey

    Too funny celebuzz. If you think crap articles like this will get fans hitting your site in droves to defend him think again. Its rubbish articles like this that will turn fans away from celebuzz. We've already worked out from other gossip sites that the trick is to post a negative article to ensur eyou get lots of hits on yoru site. Its got boring now.

  • Nadia

    According to a red carpet witness at the Sex Drive premiere, the once press-friendly actor was the last to arrive and refused to speak to any members of the press. ______________ It's not like it was the Twilight red carpet. Was it? who cares.. and what would they ask him? What is Twilight about? Can you describe us Edward? How does it feel to have all this attention? We heard that you made a song for the soundtrack? The same boring questions.... so yeah.. let's not act like drama queens. ________________ At the T-Mobile party, Robert even went so far as to turn away fans requesting a quick photo-op. __________________ Not really the moment when paparazzis are stalking him and doesn't really feel comfortable...

  • jenny

    umm, he actually DID sign stuff for the fans at the premiere of Sex Drive. AND there are photos of him taking pictures with a fan after the tmobile party. On top of that, In Austin he spent a good hour signing autographs and taking pictures with fans who went to see his movie, and that was all his idea.

  • kstar

    No Robs not a snob, he just cant take a picture with every person in the world all the time, I mean fans are stalking him, just because you become a movie star is by no means you have required to be ON all the time.