Robert Pattinson: Sporting Pre-Oscar Shaggy Look

Robert Pattinson: Sporting Pre-Oscar Shaggy Look-photo

For those wondering if Robert Pattinson is going back to a clean cut version of himself for the Oscars, his appearance last night at the on the patio of the Sunset Tower hotel proves that you are half-right.

The hair's getting there, but the emergence of the beard has got to stop!

Pattinson took his second night out in Los Angeles easy with a relaxing meal amongst friends at the star-studded dining spot. He is sporting a cleaner hair cut than normal for the rugged star, a fellow diner tells Celebuzz. But his facial hair is starting to move from jet-lag-growth to beard. "He's going from Twilight to well beyond 5 o'clock shadow," says the diner.

Someone get that man a razor before Sunday's Oscar red carpet.

Pattinson was all kinds of relaxed in the outdoor dining experience (as stars such as Pierce Brosnan, Martin Short and Molly Sims dined inside at the Tower Bar). "He seemed to enjoy the beard, pulling at it often as he sipped beer from the bottle and chatted with his friends," our diner says.

The t-shirt and jeans wearing star spent much of the dinner in laid-back conversation with a mid-riff baring brunette. "She was leaning in a lot, and he was all laid back and enjoying the conversation with a half-smile and a half-arched eyebrow."

The party broke up at 11 p.m. and the two went their separate ways.

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  • frankiegg

    I agree Loel! Also, he is a 22-year old lad with good looks, success and money, and if you can't put it about a bit when you're in that situation, when can you? He's got the rest of his life to find a soulmate and settle down. It seems that all he has to do is walk past a girl, and then the paparazzi photograph it and say he is dating her. I even saw reports saying he was dating a "mystery blonde", who turned out to be his sister! Don't assume that everything you read is true. Sadly I think it's only going to be a matter of time before some girl sells a sex story about him to the papers, as that always seems to happen to stars, especially here in the UK as our tabloid press has no morals whatsoever. His exes are obviously lovely girls as none of them have sold a story about him.

  • loel

    How in sam's hell do you know he sleeps around? There is absolutely no evidence of that. He flirts yeah, but no girl ever come forths and said that he slept with them...How is he a player?? He went out with the same girl for three years. They broke up a year ago on friendly terms. So stop talking out of you ass VELANY!

  • lalanani

    THIS guy is too hot he has to come to new york so i can me meet him if i can ever get off work i love this man

  • velany

    he's hot. too bad he's a player and sleeps around.

  • jennifer shaw
    jennifer shaw

    yea I think he looks sexy with a facial hair usually i don't guys like that but on him it makes him look rugged yum i love you rob.

  • frankiegg

    These photos are of Rob leaving the Groucho Club the other week in London UK, not in LA - he is standing next to a City of Westminster lamp-post in one photo and sitting inside a London Black Cab in others! I am sure he is in LA now ready for the Oscars tomorrow but not in these photos! Sorry to be so pedantic but I am bored and thought I would point it out. As for the facial hair - bring it baby! I prefer a man to look like a man, not a girl!

  • CY

    i think that pattinson will be perfect in the Oscar..! he is hot.! I love him so much.! YEAH YEAH

  • lol

    Hate that guy. he's full of it. and a ladies mannnn.

  • Ju Brazil
    Ju Brazil

    I think he is cute with all the possible hairs...kkkk I'm LOVE twilight!!!

  • letterstotwilight

    early to bed! he went to my room..

  • bebebeccax

    i think he looks great with the little beard shaggy kinda look. when they have him like pluck, wax, && shave && all.. he looks girly && fake. i think his "people" && the studio shouldnt try to change him so much :/

  • Buca

    Wow...he must have been really hungry! He ate at a few places last night. :P Sunset Tower, isn't that Jennifer Aniston's home away from home?