Robert Pattinson's ABBA-Filled Karaoke Night

Robert Pattinson's ABBA-Filled Karaoke Night-photo

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has ratted out one of co-star Robert Pattinson's favorite artists to sing in karaoke.


Stewart and Pattinson were recently in Tokyo to promote Twilight, and spent an evening at a karaoke bar with Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman and Jackman's Australia director Baz Luhrmann.

Stewart reveals that she entered the bar and encountered Rob and Hugh having a "really, really elaborate ABBA moment." Mamma Mia!

No word on which Swedish supergroup song it was, though.

Stewart herself joined her co-star on Elton John's "Your Song." Kristen reports that she was impressed with Pattinson's singing talent.

"Rob could definitely do a musical," she said. Hopefully Baz, the director of Moulin Rouge!, was paying attention.

In addition to ABBA and Elton, Pattinson also pulled some David Bowie out of his bag of karaoke tricks in a duet with director Luhrmann. And Stewart says it got very lovey-dovey.

"It was really funny seeing Baz Luhrmann and Rob singing a David Bowie song," she says. "It was a talky one so they both could sort of talk to each other, and they were riffing back and forth. They were looking longingly into each other's eyes."

RPattz must really want a part in Baz's next movie!



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  • mario

    that's not all that went down in that tokyo bar that night. heard what what was supposedly going on between rob & kristen, right? heard their management didn't even want to disclose that she was there with him but hugh's people dropped the ball and spilled by mistake by saying "twilight cast." wonder how her 'boyfriend' feels about all that. it's got to suck knowing your girlfriend is messing around with her co-star in public half way around the world.

  • chloe

    he's saving music for a back-up plan. and he already said he hates musicals and doesnt want any part of them. Thats why he doesnt like being compared to Zac Efron. Dont get your hopes up...

  • babigrl

    lolz! i gotta see that!

  • Chris

    Rob's the HOTTTTTNEESSSSS!!!

  • alexis

    "your song" is maybe the most romantic song on earth and they sing it together?? ok! They don??T want any rumors but sing a song like this hmmm...i smell romantic in the air,like they said if theres smoke theres a fire!

  • foolishheart

    lol??I thought that choice of song to sing together was kind of odd too considering all the rumors they are trying to dissolve. hahaha! I think they just like to ignite the fire??they enjoy keeping everyone guessing. Or maybe Rob picked it on purpose to bother Kristen

  • mrsnaomicullen

    awww! he so cute and ABBA rocks not As much as twilight obviously! i've got OCD OBSESESIVE CULLEN DISORDER!

  • Sharon

    YAY! can u get some audio from that famous karaoke night??? btw can u guys plz post some new pics!! i wanna know what hes up he in canada already?? yes,I heard he is already in vancouver.

  • Amanda

    If he would do a musical. That'd rock. I love musicals.

  • reny

    im really mad of that guy..

  • tachan

    robert pattinson is perfect role for Gatsby! becoz he have a perfect quality fit in that role.

  • viva

    It's always fun to know that people who work together can actually enjoy the places they are visiting. Gotta love getting out the music! Way to rock. LOL hardy: LOVE IT that KrisS jokes about Baz & Rob's duet! What a great tour and so do LOVE HUGH & SO DO YOU TOO. YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE!!

  • sbaran

    Baz is doing a film on Gatsby? Help us all.

  • andreab

    Baz should pick Rob to play Gatsby. Its Baz's next film

  • PG

    Whta DB song pleease?

  • isabel

    YAY! can u get some audio from that famous karaoke night??? btw can u guys plz post some new pics!! i wanna know what hes up he in canada already??

  • cg

    LOL!! I love RPATTZ!!