Rocco DiSpirito Isn't Cookin' Enough for 'DWTS'

Rocco DiSpirito Isn't Cookin' Enough for 'DWTS'-photo

Jeffrey Ross, Ted McGinley and Kim Kardashian— all the unfortunates who make up the list of Dancing with the Stars vote-offs so far this season.

And now chef Rocco DiSpirito is the latest to lack the spice to stick around in the foot-shuffling competition.

After doing the one-two step off the show last night, Rocco told OK!, "There's a difference between my personal experience and what the judges saw. My personal experience is amazing moments. The only other time I've felt that elated is when I'm on a line cooking and dishes are flowing perfectly. I came here to have fun, not to add up points."

Well, that's a positive outlook, Rocco. But let's face it, life really is much sweeter when you're at the top of your game.



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  • Ruby

    I got both of your books and I love them they really good book's and I am your biggest fan in denver Colorado. You are my idal

  • DeLiza

    Pay no attention to "John". You go on with your family, your show, and just be Kendra. That's what we, YOUR FANS, want to see. John can always change the damn channel. Best wishes of continued success for both you and Hank.

  • Bethany

    Kendra! Your amazing. Your real. Your down to earth and I love your show/your book(s)! Cannot wait to get the new one tomorrow!!! Your beautiful and so is your family!

  • sarita

    Omg I can't wait to meet you and have you sign your book!! Welcome to Minneapolis!! Go Kendra Go Kendra Go Kendra!!!!!

  • heather(Indiana)

    Oh my goosh...cant wait to read it....ull b comin to Indiana on my Birthday..i def. goin to come nd see u..thanks for being u...<3

  • Jessica T
    Jessica T

    Kendra I am so excited to get you new book! I loved the first one so much!! Oh and to the penis John that wrote the comment above, don't be a douch bag your just jelous that you can't have the picture perfect life that Kendra , Hank, and Hank jr have! Love ya Kendra!! Jessica

  • Joyce

    I'm sure u had a wonderful time writing that book, I know it'll be a must read. You are truly blessed beyond words, some people never go through what you went through when you were younger and come out of it to tell the story. God bless you and your family. Lots of Love

  • corrine (uk)
    corrine (uk)

    Wow, I can't wait for the new book. You are such an inspiring woman, your show and first book have helped me through my own struggles and helps me think that dreams aren't always so far away. You are a beautiful, fun, mother and I hope with my baby bump that I can be just as positive and great as you!

  • jeanes507pty

    Kendra eres la mejor sinceramente una extraordinaria mujer ... Kendra you are honestly an extraordinary woman İ just want to wish you nothing than the best... Love kisses and hugs from Panama...

  • angel

    Kendra,no worries the book will b a sell out!!!!!!Watch how fast it sells so everyone better pre-order now if u can!!!!!!!

  • Mariaelena

    Kendra I loved ur first book!!!! Ive always thot u were an amazing person then rereading ur book I confirmed it. U are a very strong women & brave. I can't wait to read ur second book... Oh & I love the way u & ur family interact I think u guys look like a very loving family. I always tell my husband if they break up I'm giving up on love & marriage lol jk but do wish u guys the best in life :)

  • savannah

    Love your first book bought and read it all in one day loved it so excited to read the next one and I hated reading in high school lol never finished the book but kendras first book I couldn't put it down I know the 2nd one is going to be even better

  • Allison

    I'm SO EXCITED TO READ YOUR NEW BOOK!!! I hate to read but your last book I read in one day!! Couldn't put it down!!!! Your amazing!!! LOVE YOU KENDRA!!!

  • Isabel

    Don't pay attention to john he is just hating, fuck haters...girl ur awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on that book

  • Bri

    It's understandable that kendras gonna have some people who don't like her.. Everyone has haters even Jesus Christ. goes to show you can not please everyone.. But why in the world would u creep someone's twitter or website just to spread negativity?! What are you lacking in your life that makes you want to hurt someone rather than lift them up?! ANYWAYS haters have had enough attention. Kendra, Sliding Into Home was vey entertaining. I read it in one day and read it a second time when I was in labor lol!! Love all your posts girlie.. And know by now you're used to the poop people shovel your way.. Keep on doing you boo boo!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  • linky torrao
    linky torrao

    Dear John get a fucking life u ass hole Kendra when are we getting your books here in South Africa please God Bless u and your beautiful Family

  • iv

    F you john!!! Are you really that insecure with your life you have to put other people down??? Kendra you're beautiful!

  • linky torrao
    linky torrao

    Dear john get I life please hope we gonna get your books here in s.a kendra u the best god bless

  • Nicole

    You're are an inspiration! I did things backward s does out of school had kids got married ( to my kids dad do uncommon today out seems) and I am trying to make out through school.. Hearing your story gives motivation to keep on! Maybe I won't be a millionaire but I can make a better life than I had for my kids keep up the great work and you seem to be real and not fake I love that

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Nice cutoff dress shirt there, bub; did you think this was a Nascar rally?