Roscars Voting Continues! Vote on the Funniest Scenes!

Roscars Voting Continues! Vote on the Funniest Scenes!-photo

Your fave celebs picked the best comedic moments from their own reality shows. And now it's your chance to vote on yours from The HillsKeeping Up With The Kardashians, and Bromance.

Remember when the guys modeled Jenner Jeans on the fake red carpet? Or Khloe's Speed Dating episode? Or when Chiara tried to explain to Audrina that the world was going to end?And who could forget the funny fight scene montage between Kim, Kourtney and Khloe? Perhaps you haven't seen some deleted funny footage: Lauren having a rough day and the crew bringing in a fart machine to cheer her up!

These best moments from each show were personally chosen and commented on by Whitney PortAudrina PatridgeKim KardashianKhloe Kardashian, and Brody Jenner!

Which moments of hilarity will make their mark in fans' memories this season? Check out the clips below. Then come back and vote for the Best Comedic Moment.

And... stay tuned every day this week. We're opening polls for other categories including: Best Dramatic and Romantic Moments, Best Kiss, and Least Glam Moment. On Friday, we'll announce the winners!



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  • ashley

    Team kardashian.. anything khloe does has me rolling actually. the things she does is so random. but the whole show is entertaining.

  • marisol

    i love the kardashian girls,they are so funny/beautiful...and everyone knows there gonna win it's so obvious what would telivison be without there reality show.Everyone has to just get a life and stop being so hypocritical about them there them and thats all they can be,there never going to change for no one and if youre just hating on them because the have a life,then hunny you really need to think about getting one for your'e self and keep it in mind!!!! I LOVE YOU KOURTNEY,KIM,AND KHLOE!!!!!

  • Kayla


  • bawwow

    anything khloe does is F'ing hilar

  • marc

    bromance all the way on this one.

  • jadorelatroy

    haha , i love All of the nominees haha GOOD LUCK TO THOSE, BUT ITS TEAM KARDASHIAN BABY!!!!!!!!!!