Rumor Mill: Zac Efron Dating Rumer Willis?

Rumor Mill: Zac Efron Dating Rumer Willis?-photo

Could it be? Has Zac Efron already moved on from longtime love Vanessa Hudgens with Rumer Willis, the aspiring actress and famous offspring of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis?

It's still in the rumor (Rumer?) phase, but the Chicago-Sun Times reports (via Popcrunch) that Zac and Rumer were spotted looking "extremely cozy" on a Willis family vacation to TurksĀ  Caicos' Parrot Island, Papa Willis' getaway of choice, over New Year's. The report says both the Zac and Rumer camps have brushed off the chatter, insisting the two are "just friends."

After splitting from longtime girlfriend and High School Musical co-star Vanessa in December, Zac was quickly linked to his The Lucky One co-star Taylor Schilling. Back in October, Rumer was spotted flirting with Glee hunk Chord Overstreet. Between Chord and Zac, perhaps Rumer has a thing for guys with good hair?

Is Zac falling for Rumer or is he just a big Die Hard fan? Will he and Vanessa ever reunite? Sound off in the comments.



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  • patient

    shesss sooooooo UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

  • johnny

    hahaha you kids are truly the downfall of this country.... you could care less about reading something like financial management, but spend 24/7 fixating on 'celebs' haha.. you suck

  • saint-barts

    ewwww, vanessa's HOT and rumer's just...NOT..that's all.

  • rsac3

    i meant she look like a pedophile

  • Jen

    rumer has a face like a sick pedophile ready to have sex!! LOL!!! What?

  • smashley

    EW shes sooo gross.... seriously not even talented either... she must hate her mom, and dad and stepdad for being sooo good looking. If this is true it's a serious step down from Vanessa, she must have a "great personality" :p

  • Jack

    Maybe Rumer does things Vanessa won't?

  • simplydiffer

    Ew. Rumor Willis is just EW.

  • chrissy k
    chrissy k

    OMG Who cares, Really now,, I dont personally know these ppl I dont care who dates who,,, there on TV well known... so ppl are all up in there S@#$ they could date who ever, when ever, and how ever many they want just like we can,,,,,, these comments make me laugh,,,, HAHAHAHAHHAHA

  • rsac3

    rumer has a face like a sick pedophile ready to have sex!! LOL!!!

  • amber3

    One - it doesn't matter if it is a rumor or not, if she is what makes him happy, let him do it. You wouldn't want people telling you your new partner wasn't good enough for you, or vice versa. Two - they seem like they are more friends than anything so i am betting on this being a rumor. chill out people. i know celeb gossip is fun and entertaining, but these people still have lives and are still free to do whatever they want without their fans opinions.

  • tina

    I think this is all just a rumor. I also don' think Zac's PR people leaked this information either. This "story" first surfaced last week and I guess since there is no Zac news, this story resurfaced today. Its like with so many celeb stories, there is hardly ever any proof and people believe it without question.

  • Leslie

    Poor Zac.

  • Molly

    I think Zac's PR people "leaked" this rumor to keep him relevant. He doesn't have another movie coming out till 2012, so they gotta do something. But, couldn't they come up with something better than this? Seriously, this "hooking up with another girl so soon" makes him come off as a total douche bag.

  • Zoe

    Actually Drew, it is gross because if he left Vanessa for Rumer it's all just because of her famous family not because she could make a good girlfriend or wife. Seriously Zac! DOWNGRADE.

  • Drew

    Grow the hell up children. "Do better than her"? Assuming this is more than a rumor... what gives you people the audacity to claim that she's not good enough, or a great person and wouldn't be a loving girlfriend/wife? Because she's not stereotypically hot like Zac and Vanessa are? Do you people actually know her to make such asinine judgments? Seriously, again, grow the hell up.