Russell Crowe's Belly Bounces Sienna Miller

Russell Crowe's Belly Bounces Sienna Miller-photo

Russell Crowe should be careful, or he's going to come off as a show-biz heavy in more ways than one. 

The Daily Mail reports that Sienna Miller has been dumped from the upcoming Ridley Scott-directed Robin Hood flick Nottingham, because she'd make Crowe, 44, look pudgy in comparison. (Miller, 27, had been slated to play Maid Marian in the film.)

Crowe, who is set to appear as the Sheriff of Nottingham, packed on several pounds for his role in the recent flop thriller Body of Lies. Since then, he's been trying in vain to shed the extra weight for the Nottingham movie.

Guess he's found a diet that suits him—just cut skinny actresses out of your life!

"It is a mess," says an insider. "The love scenes between [Russell] and Sienna would have been laughable. He's so old and fat and she's so young and gorgeous."

Producers are now reportedly "looking for an older, plumper actress to play the role so Crowe doesn't look like a paunchy grandpa. Someone in her late 30s or early 40s."

This isn't the only role that Miller has lost recently due to male insecurity.  She was due to star in the upcoming Guy Ritchie-directed Sherlock Holmes until her former boyfriend Jude Law signed on for the cast.

And she hasn't done much to win hearts and minds with her relationship to married actor Balthazar Getty either.

Luckily, Sienna has another skill to fall back on if she's entirely cut off from the film industry—suing tabloids who publish her picture when she takes her top off.



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  • KL

    They had to tell her something which flattered her ego or she would have probably sued although looking anorexic is not flattering in my opinion.

  • Veronica

    Shes 27 years old, fake tan, hair and teeth like a past it chemically farmed shrimp. Why do these celebrities always look the same? At least Russell looks naturally good looking.

  • warren

    Siennas source has been planting negative stories about Crowe and Scott because they fired or "released" her from Nottingham, simple as.

  • sony

    So her people are trying to twist the blame onto Scott and Crowe for her being an undeniable liability and disaster for the film to make them look as if they are in the wrong? I bet they are relieved she's out, who does she think she is- obviously thinks she's young and gorgeous by the expression on her face -what a *******joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sunseeker

    Russell Crowe has already lost lots of weight and is a very good actor Miss Miller is more known for her private life and breaking up marriages apart from that she is not that good a actress and I don't know why she was picked in the first place unless they had nobody else to play the part. I think this has nothing to do with Russell more to do with her life style, not a lot of people I know will see her movies.