Scarlett & Ryan: Definitely, Maybe Trouble in Paradise

Scarlett & Ryan: Definitely, Maybe Trouble in Paradise-photo

Whatever it was, it couldn't wait till they got home. Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds apparently had a whopper of an argument on a Beantown street.

The Boston Globe reports, "The Ryan guy was clearly being a baby! She kept grabbing his arm and he'd yank it away and she'd keep saying, 'Ry, come on, Ry. Stop.' He kept switching directions on the sidewalk like he wanted her to leave."

Scarlett was visiting Ryan while he was in town filming The Proposal, in which Sandra Bullock plays a boss who tries to gain U.S. citizenship by marrying her assistant (yep, Ryan).

Could the whole topic of weddings have been at the crux of their to-do? Rumors have circulated for months that Reynolds, 32, is hot to play for keeps with the fresh-faced 23-year-old, who has three movies and a foray into music breaking this year.

The two buttoned it once they saw photogs, but the jig was up. Anywhere Scarlett lays her head may not be with Ryan forever.



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