Scott Disick Gives to the Homeless (PHOTOS)

The Kardashians
The Kardashians
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Who says Scott Disick isn't a giver?

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star (and boyfriend to Kourtney Kardashian) was spotted handing some money to a homeless man in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. Scott's gift to the wheelchair-bound man? $100 bucks!

Scott looked dapper in a white sweater, faded blue jeans and brown loafers. See, you can be stylish and kind-hearted! What do you think of Scott's homeless gift? Check out more photos and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • ramirez775

    he didn't put it on his mouth wow!!!!!

  • nicole

    he prolly stole it outta kourtneys wallet

  • Primrose

    scott is a bitch i heat scott sooooooooooooooo much U are just jealous ! Hahahaaaa.... Be nice it's christmas !

  • Primrose

    What a nice gesture Scott in this Christmas holiday . Lord bless u & ur family Kourtney & Adorable son Mason, also ur mom & dad. Primrose

  • jason

    scott is a bitch i heat scott sooooooooooooooo much

  • guest

    Scotty's female companion must have been just a 'street piece'; he didn't even open and close the car (Rolls convertible) doors for her; and she appeared to be too stupid to even notice. The street hos are use to jumping in and out of the passenger doors on their own.

  • guest

    I saw the entire video; it was done for publicity. He couldn't even look the guy in the eye and just sort of threw the money on the guy's lap. As the cameras were rolling, naturally.

  • guest

    Why didn't they show the pictures of the mysterious skankho that he brought along with him? Hint.... it wasn't Kourtney.

  • nicalus

    i would think that if he was a giving from the heart it would not be in front of the cameras and pictures about it spreading all over the net a true giver dont need the light cameras action take one im about to give a wheel chair man a $100 dollars bring back the true america

  • Mina

    If the man had of been gay, he would of shoved it in his mouth. Anyways its good to see the doucebag do something decent for a change.

  • Don Elee
    Don Elee

    This is maaaad gay. Do it for the camera i guess.

  • War On Haterism
    War On Haterism

    This is so gay. Do it for the cam.

  • paulito1999

    Does giving to "charity" really have to be a photo op for celebrites?!?

  • pattioz

    you mean he didn't shove it in his mouth!!!!!