Sean Penn Could Go to Jail for Most Recent Paparazzi Violence (VIDEO)

Sean Penn Could Go to Jail for Most Recent Paparazzi Violence (VIDEO)-photo

Sean Penn really needs to learn to keep his hands to himself. Oh, yeah, and his feet, too. The Milk actor was charged by the Los Angeles City Attorney with criminal battery and vandalism today, stemming from an October 2009 incident in Brentwood, California, during which Penn allegedly kicked paparazzo Jordan Dawes and broke his camera. 

If convicted of both counts, the actor could be looking at 1 1//2 years in jail. Which wouldn't be the first time that Penn has wound up behind bars for his aversion to unauthorized photography. The actor was sentenced to 60 days in jail for assaulting a photographer in 1987, though he only served 33 days of the sentence.

Time will tell if Penn will do some more cell time for this latest incident. But you can play judge and jury right now, by checking out the video of Penn's most recent adventure with photojournalism below:



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  • DM

    As a Pap who has encountered Penn in the past I can tell you that this guy is a douchebag, which sucks because I enjoy his movies. Him and all the other celebrities gotta take a chill pill and accept the fact that they make more money in a year then any Pap could taking a picture of their stupid ass. Really, getting upset over having your photo taken is like getting upset because the sky is blue.

  • No Code
    No Code

    haha...i'm from venezuela...and totally enjoying this....sean penn supports that f*cker of chavez who is totally ruining our country....its falling appart....everything is expensive...our oil company is torn into pieces....his electric company is even cutting our electricity 3 hours per day....on every single house half the country...seriously...give this ***hole at least 2 would be pretty rad if they loved into the wild though :)

  • Mike Fox
    Mike Fox

    Should have kicked the pap harder! And I didn't notice any cameras breaking - sounds like the usual pap b/s.

  • privacy for all
    privacy for all

    wow! 18 months for this? They should hang all paparazzi scums. Looks like Penn's political views has something to do with the possible sentence.

  • knowitall

    pap should leave him and other celeb alone anyway. I just think they deserve to be kickin in the ass.