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Yes, Justin Bieber Will Have a ‘Zoolander 2’ Cameo

The Biebs can do Blue Steel, too.

Peggy Truong / April 29, 2015

34 Stars Who’ve Played the President of the United States

Obama ‘Report’

Watch President Obama take over the ‘The Colbert Report.’


In honor of President’s Day today (Feb. 16, 2015), Celebuzz is taking a look at all the famous faces that have portrayed…

Peggy Truong / February 16, 2015

Fred Armisen and Natasha Lyonne Might Be Dating

There is a hipster God.

Portlandia star Fred Armisen and Orange is The New Black actress Natasha Lyonne could be a quirky new couple. …

Barbara DeFranco / August 27, 2014

Emmy Awards 2014 Winners List

The 2014 Emmy Awards have arrived and the winners and losers are stacking up left and right. Find out who took home the biggest awards in the biggest categories as they are being handed out!

Check out below to see who took home what Emmy!

Michael Prieve / August 25, 2014

Watch Fred Armisen Call Strangers and Freak Them Out

I would definitely accept a call from Portlandia star Fred Armisen. Would you?

The Emmy-nominated actor and former SNL star decided to see if people on the street would step outside their comfort zone and allow their curiosity to overrule their skepticism.

Fred, in a social experiment sponsored by Heineken, called…

Barbara DeFranco / July 23, 2014

Here Are Your 2014 Emmy Nominations

This morning in Hollywood, a bunch of TV stars woke up and pretended to be asleep as they watched Mindy Kaling and Carson Daly announced the 66th Primetime Emmy Award nominees. Then, when their publicist called to tell them they either had or had not been nominated, they put on the performances of their lives,…

Robert Kessler / July 10, 2014

Emmys Countdown: A Chat About Best Supporting Actor

In the lead-up to the announcement on Emmy nominations on July 10, Celebuzz will be looking at the past year in outstanding television and analyzing what will be recognized and what, what should be recognized and what should not. Today, Robert Kessler and Barbara DeFranco discuss the Best Supporting Actor categories.

Robert Kessler / July 2, 2014

Steve Buscemi’s New AOL Web Series ‘Park Bench’ is Here . . . and It’s Wonderful

Presenting, Steve Buscemi’s very own talk talking show.

On Thursday, AOL unleashed the first load of its original programming lineup with Buscemi’s web series, Park Bench.

Peggy Truong / May 15, 2014

New Details About Maya Rudolph’s NBC Variety Special

Back in November we told you that Maya Rudolph was shooting a variety special for NBC, to be potentially picked up as a series. Well that special finally has a premiere date, and it’s just about a month away.

Robert Kessler / April 15, 2014

Elisabeth Moss Shows Major Sideboob, Talks ‘Traumatic and Awful’ Marriage to Fred Armisen

Well hello there Elisabeth Moss!

The Mad Men actress is giving us an eyeful of sideboob in the latest issue of New York magazine, in which she talks about her “traumatic and awful” marriage to Portlandia star Fred Armisen and how she deals with tabloid drama.

Michael Prieve / March 10, 2014

Kristen Wiig Appears on ‘The Tonight Show’ as Harry Styles

Well if The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon keeps this up, they had ought to be juuuuuuust fine. After the hilarious Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing Monday, Jimmy Fallon has another hit on his hands with Kristen Wiig’s appearance on the show in character as One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles.

Robert Kessler / February 19, 2014

Fred Armisen Will Be the Bandleader on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

Every night on Late Night with Seth Meyers will be an SNL reunion. That’s because Fred Armisen will serve as the permanent bandleader for the show, as NBC confirmed today.

Robert Kessler / February 10, 2014

Cecily Strong is Your New ‘Weekend Update’ Anchor

With less than two weeks until Saturday Night Live’s season premiere, Lorne Michaels, the man behind the curtain, has confirmed that Cecily Strong will be the new anchor on Weekend Update, replacing Seth Meyers when he leaves the show in February.

Strong is a relative newcomer to SNL, last season was her first o…

Robert Kessler / September 15, 2013

Miley Cyrus Will Pull a Justin Bieber on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live is coming back Sept. 28 and the show has some mega-stars lined up for its first three episodes.

Robert Kessler / September 9, 2013

Meet the (Rumored) New ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast Members

With the departures of venerable veterans Jason Sudeikis, Bill Harder and Fred Armisen — and Seth Meyers following them out the door next year, as he takes over NBC’s Late Night — Saturday Night Live has been on the hunt for new recruits to join its respected ranks.

Now rumor has it the late-night sketch comedy’…

Cory Lopez / August 23, 2013

Exploring The Wonder Of ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live is closing in on its 40th anniversary (the premiere episode aired on October 11th, 1975) and Lorne Michaels is spearheading the search for new talent to replace Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen, who departed at the end of last season. …

Kelly Lynch / August 22, 2013

Here’s Who Won’t Be on ‘SNL’ Next Year

Throughout its 38-season run, Saturday Night Live has always been a revolving door for rising comedic stars: after developing their talents and making a name for themselves, the cast members eventually call it quits.
This year, SNL is losing several esteemed veterans to the exodus: Jason Sudeikis just joined Bill Hader and Fred Armisen in leaving…

Cory Lopez / July 25, 2013

Jason Sudeikis Confirms ‘Saturday Night Live’ Exit: ‘I’m Definitely Done’

It’s official: Jason Sudeikis won’t be returning to Saturday Night Live in the fall.
On Wednesday, the actor and funny man confirmed the news during a taping of Late Show With David Letterman in New York City.
“I’m definitely done,” Sudeikis said on the show. “I’m not coming back next fall.”
That means the 10-season vetera…

Peggy Truong / July 24, 2013

Watch The Justin Bieber ‘SNL’ Sketch That Bill Hader Calls ‘The Greatest Trainwreck Ever’

Many Saturday Night Live sketches never make it all the way to the broadcast we all see. This one, called “Song for Daddy,” was one of them. Written for the episode this season hosted by Justin Bieber, the sketch features Bieber, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Bobby Moynihan as a country-western band with a very bizarre…

Robert Kessler / June 26, 2013
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