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‘Bourne Legacy’ Star Jeremy Renner Says He Feels ‘Fortunate’ for his Career (VIDEO)

Jeremy Renner is hitting the big screen with guns blazing (literally) in The Bourne Legacy on Friday.

In franchise’s highly-anticipated fourth film, Renner stars as medically-enhanced spy agent Aaron Cross who is controlled by a clandestine espionage program, taking the lead from Matt Damon’s butt-kicking Jason Bourne.

After three blockbusters –…

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‘The Bourne Legacy’ vs. ‘The Campaign’: Box Office Battle (POLL)

Theaters are about to see a whole lot of action as two highly anticipated films go head to head for box office dominance Friday.

In one corner, the latest installment from a beloved action franchise — The Bourne Legacy — hits cinemas with a new lead.

Meanwhile, Will Ferrell and Zach

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‘The Bourne Legacy’ Reviews Are In: What the Critics Are Saying

The Bourne Legacy hits theaters Friday — and it’s Bourne free.

After star Matt Damon bowed out of the blockbuster franchise, Jeremy Renner has taken over the leading role, stepping in to play medically enhanced, off-the-grid operative Aaron Cross in the spy series’ fourth film.

Renner is joined by a star-studded…

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‘Bourne Legacy’ Premiere: Screenwriter Tony Gilroy on Taking the Director’s Chair: ‘I Didn’t Want to Let Go’ (VIDEO)

Even the master mind behind Bourne couldn’t have predicted his taking the reigns on the franchise’s fourth film, The Bourne Legacy.

After writing the screenplays for the first three installments — which have grossed almost $1 billion worldwide — Tony Gilroy picked up his pen again for the fourth. But as he wrapped…

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‘Bourne Legacy’ Producers Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley: ‘There Will Be Another Movie’ (VIDEO)

Ten years after Matt Damon first hit the big screen as Jason Bourne, a new secret agent is, well, born.

The world got its first glimpse of The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, a medically enhanced operative who is controlled by a clandestine espionage program.

The film is…

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