Selena Gomez Has Been Hacked!

Selena Gomez Has Been Hacked!-photo

Poor Selena Gomez.

First she has to endure the heartache of dealing with fickle boys.

And now, it seems, she's become the victim of identity theft.

The Wizards of Waverly Place star experienced a heaping load of digital drama yesterday, when some scoundrel hacked into her MySpace page and, under the guise of being Gomez, posted a somewhat alarming entry.

"Yet another honest blog from the emo kid haha," the post read. "Today I lost a friend, I was so hurt to come to find out that one of my dear friends chose a girlfriend over a friend. The funny thing to me is, I always support my friends and their decisions of whom they love. Or any decision at that. I’m am not one to judge. So I was not quite sure why I had to be ‘Out of the picture’ but that is their choice.”

Oh, noes!

But as it turns out, the passage was apparently bogus. Gomez quickly scrubbed the fake entry and set the record straight.

"Someone knew exactly what to say. Unbelievable. I am truly sorry for the last blog," Gomez wrote. "We took care of it but someone who clearly does NOT know my personal life tried to hurt someone close to me."

And just to make sure everyone knew what was up, Selena took to her Twitter account too.

"SOMEONE HACKED MY MYSPACE! I did NOT write the blog on my page!!!" Gomez tweeted. "We took care of it already but i deeply apologize to those who read it! There was some personal things written on that blog!"

Hmm; so someone knew exactly what to say, and divulged personal information about her, but it was " someone who clearly does NOT know my personal life "? The plot thickens...



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  • SoNiC

    Hes a f*cking skid dont worry he didn’t brute forced her password he just reset her email with public dox’s of her info which is legal so yah he fails and he was on a proxy which was a even bigger fail lololol He Should of gone on a vpn ..Hope Selenas People Get To Him He a f*cking random and “SoNiC RuNz HiM”


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  • fiona

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  • sophe

    feel so sorry`

  • enairo

    love selena gomez!!!!she is so cooool! :p :D

  • Harold

    It was regarding Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus... When Nick and Miley started dating again earlier this year when they sang together, hung out in the mustang etc... She was referring to Nick rekindling with Miley and how since Miley and Selena don't get along, she's out of the picture.

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  • somthing

    her you tube was hacked too just type sel gomez on you tube and you will see

  • kara


  • ilyselzgomez

    omg tya you should would you wanna be a popstar getting hacked no i dont think so!!

  • tya

    what was the big deal of that post? I dont get why she freaked out....

  • buzzbuddy

    Poor girl! She should probably use a safer password.

  • noah

    It was probably Taylor Lautner's mom. That jealous bitch.

  • guestHERE

    well, it was written "god bless, selena" at the end of that HACKED blog! so usually selena doesn't write her full name, its usually "god bless, sel" I know its not proof, but....

  • anon

    obviously it was a stalker