Selena Gomez Gets Bilingual on 'Lopez Tonight' (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez Gets Bilingual on 'Lopez Tonight' (VIDEO)-photo

Selena Gomez's last appearance on Lopez Tonight literally left her speechless, but the Wizards of Waverly Place star made her triumphant return to George Lopez's late-night show on Tuesday, and this time she had plenty to say—and sing!

The 18-year-old Disney princess held forth on a variety of topics during her interview with Lopez, dishing on everything from her football date with Justin Bieber to filming her upcoming movie Monte Carlo, to her desire to record a Spanish-language album some day. Toward that end, SelGo also performed her single "A Year Without Rain," busting out her Spanish for a verse of the tune.

Check out Gomez's interview and performance below. Would you like to hear an all-Spanish album by her? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • dwadwa

    Lol... anyone else notice how when she hits the high notes, the auto tune turns on and it all the sudden sounds perfect? I love her, but i think that's funny.

  • Sara

    Selena is not a good singer and her Spanish isn't all that great. she shouldn't do a Spanish album.

  • Terry

    [quote=Marianna Xavier]She CAN'T sing Soo true and soon she wil be the next miley lol

  • Nicole

    I think she did great! I love her as a person, performer,and actor! She's a great singer and people really need to stop critizing. She's such a good person and VERY talented! I loved this performance soo much! If you don't like her or her music or her voice, don't listen, its really simple!

  • dafish11

    the thing is that ur all saying that she cant sing (she kinda cant) but think bout all these other "singers".....kesha, for example, they all use autotuners...thats not singing but i love her dress!!!

  • tita

    she definitley mimed the spanish parts!! umm she def didnt

  • me

    she definitley mimed the spanish parts!!

  • kadeee

    she can speak Spanish??? wow Im kind of shocked.

  • Gabey

    I totally agree with Ocean. Selena is a good singer, actress, and role model. God has blessed her a great deal.

  • Ocean

    I don't what you guys are talking about because I loved her performance! It was really good!

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James

    She can sing. She has a calm voice and if you talk about going high with her voice greatly like Beyonce or Alicia Keys than stop listening to her.If it's not your type of music don't listen and move on.I do that with heavy metal but i don't go on posting comments and hating on them.They're getting money and go ahead do what you do.

  • me

    She is only 18 and extremely talented in many different areas.. technically she may not be a "great" singer, but its not just about the voice, its about the performance.. she is a great actress, good singer, and an even better person.. she is a great role model for many young kids.. we need more people like her!

  • Marianna Xavier
    Marianna Xavier

    She CAN'T sing

  • ana

    ok........i'm from argentina i speak spanish and i couln't understan a WORD of what she was singing ahhahahaha!

  • Andy

    She is so cute! Love her!!

  • yana

    i'm a fan of her.. but boy she can't sing!