Selena Gomez: 'I Dress Like a Boring Old Woman'

Selena Gomez: 'I Dress Like a Boring Old Woman'-photo

Does Selena Gomez dress a little too mature for her age?

The Wizards of Waverly Place star tells Perez Hilton that she feels like she dresses "like a boring old woman." The 18-year-old Celebuzz Teen Queen says that she is often criticized for looking like "she is trying to look 30."

Why does Selena like to dress older than her age range? The Disney star says that she admires Natalie Portman and Gwyneth Paltrow's fashion style, which tends to be on the plain, understated side of the sartorial spectrum.

Watch Selena's interview below.

While Selena may feel that her style is "boring," there are plenty of teen stars out there who are catching flack for their decidedly non-boring outfits. Both Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen have been slammed by critics for dressing provocatively. Apparently, teen fashion icons can't catch a break when it comes to pleasing everyone with their style.

Either way, Selena looked both grown-up and not-boring at the VMAs earlier this month. Check out pics of Selena's sexy red carpet look.

Do you think Selena's style is boring? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • babygirl3717

    she's right she does dress STUPID miley rocks why is slutena a star anyway?

  • Ann

    I think the way she dresses suits her personality and looks super cute on her. At times she acts more mature than others her age, like Miley, which can be very refreshing. I like the way she dresses. Her outfits always look very well put together and I've never thought of them as boring.

  • Sel rox
    Sel rox

    Selena's style is very nice it's not boring I wish I knew how to dress like her! I Ioe Selena she rox!

  • adri

    she dresses very well, not like crazy miley

  • maria

    just because she's a teen like i am and dresses plain doesn't mean that she dresses boring... that's her style and she should love it..

  • Josie

    Is she calling Natalie and Gweneth boring? It is not called dressing like an "boring old woman." It is called dressing with CLASS! Soon....she will be an old woman........

  • momandfan

    Nothing wrong with being a little conservative. Kinda refreshing actually rather than Miley's look.

  • koala

    since when is 30 old? i guess when you're a 16 year old idiot it's old. ahh, youth: wasted on the young.

  • Guest

    Nah she has nice style. miley dresses too old for her age showing way too much skin when shes only 17.

  • Misana

    She's fine just the way she is.... wholesome.. Kinda like how Hilary Duff used to be.... I think

  • annabannana56

    She has a cute style....I like it. Just because she doesn't look like a slut (Miley Cyrus) doesn't make her ''old grandma'''.

  • Kimi

    I don't think she dresses like a "boring old woman". I actually really like her style :)

  • failena

    her album is going to flop LMAO only suppose to sell 50,000 this week