'Sex and the City' Goes Boom

'Sex and the City' Goes Boom-photo

Initial feedback on the release of the movie version of Sex and the City is less concerned about storyline and more with the appearance of a boom mike in several key scenes. Viewer response is running the gamut from giggles and confusion to shock and awe.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune chatted with several moviegoers about the experience. One brushed off the cinematic faux pas, saying, "Minneapolis...People don't care about editing. They don't care about perfectionism." However, another groused, "I think they were trying to get the movie out right away...slapped together to make a buck. I was let down."

No one says it like Middle America, though hipster Perez Hilton has another theory. He posits that so much money was spent on wardrobe producers had to scrimp on editing expertise.

Both explanations are quite feasible, however is it certain that this "boom mike" of which everyone is speaking wasn't just some ill-advised headgear specifically chosen for Sarah Jessica Parker's character? Because that is kind of her thing.



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  • lisatee

    i have to admit that no matter what the reviews, i'll still go out and see it...just because!

  • notobsessed

    have u seen her body??

  • mraniston

    i dont understand t he fascination with sarah jessica parker - shes ugly!

  • hwoodgrrl

    story is more important than mics, IMO

  • gossipguy

    the hype-up and expectations were too high... they probably did rush into releasing it too early.

  • rforrumor

    the mic slip up is the least of our worries. did you see how bad SJP's makeup looked? they should have done something to cover up those veins in her hands. nasty.