'Sex and the City' London Style

'Sex and the City' London Style-photo

Sex and the City ringleader Sarah Jessica Parker knows that the British are tasteful and refined. But that doesn't mean she and her costars Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis have sacrificed any of their fashion forward outrageousness for Monday might's London premiere of the Sex and the City movie.

Stateside audiences will have to wait until May 30 to see if Big truly does make an honest woman of Carrie.  Or if he will defeat her in a drinking contest, and force her to parade in public with a hat plucked off the head of a Central Park carriagehorse.

Rest assured that the only things straitlaced and stuffy about this movie will be the Englishmen dragged by their females to see it.



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    yikes thats a load of bad teeth.