Shania Twain to Guest-Judge on American Idol?

Shania Twain to Guest-Judge on American Idol?-photo

Q: How many celebrities does it take to replace a Paula Abdul?

A: We're not sure, they're still trying to figure it out.

People magazine reports that country  songbird Shania Twain may become the latest famous face to step in since Abdul abandoned her American Idol judging post earlier this month due to salary disputes.

Former Posh Spice Victoria Beckham played fill-in during Idol's Boston auditions, while Mary J. Blige stepped into the void in Atlanta.

It's believed that Twain will make her Idol appearance in Chicago on August 30 and 31.

Tell us in the comments section: Who else do you think American Idol should line up to guest-judge in Abdul's absence?



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  • Maxx22

    I feel no-one is here for the emo, sometimes. ,

  • Crazy74

    In fact, the British wished to continue to inflate money and prices. ,

  • kab

    You had a bowl hair cut? That don't impress me much! that made me lol.

  • Gil

    You had a bowl hair cut? That don't impress me much!

  • noah

    Shania Twain, really? I remember when she used to be popular... it was 1995, I was in 7th grade, had a bowl hair cut and wore jogging pants every day to school. Life was much easier back then.


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