Shannen Doherty Says No More '90210'

Shannen Doherty Says No More '90210'-photo

According to EW, Shannen Doherty will only grace the 90210 campuses as Brenda Walsh for a total of four episodes, two of which have already aired. Why is Brenda taking an incomplete for the semester?

"They asked me to do a lot more," she told the magazine, but "I'm in the middle of pitching a show, [so] I couldn't commit to more than [I did]."

It probably doesn't help that 90210 newbie Shanae Grimes apparently has an ax to grind with Doherty.

Shannen's brief appearance on the series feels kind of cheap after the CW's the-bitch-is-back promos

Unlike Brenda, Jennie Garth's Kelly Taylor will be appearing in a total of 11 episodes this season. The original 90210 series ended with Kelly choosing Kelly. This time around it seems everyone is choosing Kelly. Which is a good thing for Garth, who hasn't been the busiest actress as of late.



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