Sienna Miller Is Crazy in Love

Sienna Miller Is Crazy in Love-photo

Contrary to recent rumors that she and her Welsh mattress pal Rhys Ifans have split, Sienna Miller gushed in her recent interview with the U.K. version of Elle about how he "makes me smile like a fool" and she's "so happy with [their] relationship as it is." 

The Factory Girl star explained the lack of a ring on her finger by saying, "It's so embarrassing when these stories come out, and your relationship has been somehow fast-forwarded. We both had our mums on the phone."

As for what is true about their dynamic, she said the couple's busy schedules forced them to come up with creative ways to connect. According to Miller, "Rhys and I have this thing about 'bunking off' and taking time out. A couple of hours off is called Games. The whole afternoon is Double Games, and the full 24 hours is Sports Day. On any of those days, food is involved big time."

Just what food? "Chicken and stuffing sandwiches, milk chocolate with salt-and-vinegar [potato chips], in the mouth at the same time—you just have to try it—and French fries dipped in [a] chocolate milkshake."

Those kinky Brits.

Also, here's a video of Sienna during her photo shoot for the July Elle.



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  • mynameisearl

    they're gonna get fat from all that food

  • mcmp2000

    Bunking off? What's she really trying to say?

  • notobsessed

    hahaha. and that food sounds gross- except for the fries in the shake- i do that at wendys... mmm

  • allanthekind

    Sienna Miller looks just like a girl I broke up with because she wouldn't stop telling all of her ex-boyfriends how much more orgasmic she had become since meeting me. Hey, it's bros before hos, Sienna!