Snooki Shows Off Her Moves (PHOTOS)

Now this is a situation. Jersey Shore star and pretty much the most amazing person ever Snooki was out and about in Venice Beach, CA this weekend filming scenes for next season of the hit MTV show. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out.

Doesn't she just brighten up your day? See it all in our new gallery! GTL, baby.



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  • Joli

    It;s not her fold that she is so small you jerks!!!!!!! What so she have to kill her self and you all wont judge her that because how she looks and how tall she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is verry small in height but maby her heart big and she can do so mutch that any one of you can do it ;@@@@@@@@@@@@

  • kill yourselves
    kill yourselves

    what a stupid *va jay jay* muscle. killer boots

  • Tara

    Thats just Snookie got to love the girl

  • Apostate

    If the Ringling Bros Circus only knew about this wildly energetic, midget acrobat,eh?

  • Apostate

    She's auditioning for "Grease IV: Guidette Dreans".

  • Apostate

    What a free-spirited creature she is!

  • maurinda

    (:h3y gurl u should hav3 fought back no matt3r wat happ3n.. caus3 if i had got hit by a dud3 i would hav3 got up off dat floor n knock3d duh h3ll out of him.... like jwow did mik3 dat watz funny..n-3 wayz y3a n dat waz not koll at all wat dat dud3 did n duh funny thing waz mike did nt 3v3n h3lp at all cuz h3 a nasty punk i dnt 3v3n lik3 himm...n-3 waz by3 gur p.s writ3 bcka plz....

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    But she has some talent :D

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    That's hilaaarious :D

  • the fabulous
    the fabulous

    demented hooker elf....

  • the fabulous
    the fabulous

    Oh my god, she looks like a transvestite pimp oompa loompa!! Someone must have taken a dump in her gene pool---what a freakin' goon!!!!

  • snooki's #1 fan
    snooki's #1 fan

    i luv snooki...she is awesome and i wanna kill them dumbasses that punched her i sware if i was there i would of f*cking went off on there asses umm kk ilu snooki

  • TheQC

    Please stop putting this trash on here, she is not a celebrity...or anyone important!

  • Yum


  • vpopadiuc87

    why the hell is she famous again ?

  • noah

    Best sucker punch. Ever.

  • itsmemarke