Spencer Pratt Shaves His Beard

Spencer Pratt Shaves His Beard-photo

Stop! Don’t look directly into his eyes!

Spencer Pratt took to his Twitter account to let the world know he was trimming off his infamous beard.

“Shaving. Lost my razor, but this should work.”

No word yet on whether or not he actually used the knife to shave his face, but regardless, he’s probably going to need some aftershave.

Does this picture scare you as much as it scares us? Leave us a comment and let us know just how creepy you think it is.



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  • rackk

    that dude has lost it big time and heidi is retarded for being with him

  • Lazy

    he looks like a serial killer

  • Charaze

    I'm glad he's going to shave his beard. Spencer is looking like blah with that beard on. === buzzdiversion.com

  • vitobonespur

    Spencer shaving his beard is newsworthy? Or even fit to be published in your blog? Did he wipe his ass too? I took a leak. Had a bowel movement, too...can you do a story about me?

  • Delaney

    Seriously! It's known that the show is staged, why do these two need to take it a step further. They need some serious help. I hope that Spencer is shooting blanks because I will be scared for his spawn to be walking around