Spencer Pratt Unplugs Heidi Montag (VIDEO)

Spencer Pratt Unplugs Heidi Montag (VIDEO)-photo

Doug Reinhardt's favorite couple, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag sure have an interesting relationship.

In a sneak peek at tonight's Hills, Spencer reveals that he doesn't let let Heidi use computers or the television which he says (in a perhaps unintentionally hilarious channelling of The Office's Dwight) keeps her out of "the Matrix." Yes, the Matrix!

From Us Weekly:

I don't let her go on TV, no computers [...] The only thing Heidi does is read and write poetry and pray and pet puppies... She is logged out of The Matrix.

Meanwhile, Heidi tells a terrified-looking Kristin Cavallari that she and Spencer spend $400,000 on magic crystals and explains the use of one of her "genius" crystals:

This one is for geniuses. It opens your mind to everything... and helps you to really think when you're in a war zone.

At the words "war zone," Heidi's eyes flash with excitement. Is it sad that we can no longer tell if they are joking for the cameras or if they are actually crazy?

Watch the video below.

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  • Sophie

    They're doing this all for publicity. They want to come across as crazy as possible so people will stay interested and then they'll be able to land their own reality show or just stay in the entertainment industry period. So ridiculous.

  • epi

    the sad part is that they can actually afford to spend $400,000 on magic crystals..

  • Jade Sophie Chadwick
    Jade Sophie Chadwick

    yeaa sure sounds like a healthy sane relationship