Stephanie Seymour's Bikini Week Continues (PHOTOS)

If only all of us could be living the dream on vacation like Stephanie Seymour is this week.

The 42-year-old supermodel has been storming the beaches of St. Barts all week long, continuing her water activities on Tuesday in a flesh-colored bikini that leaves very little to the imagination. Just a day earlier, it was a cream-toned two-piece that had jaws dropping for the 'November Rain' vixen.

Check out Stephanie's bikini-filled vacation photos here. Then, keep the buzz going with Celebuzz's Best Bikinis of 2010 extravaganza.



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  • Rana Sinha
    Rana Sinha

    hmm which one 2 vote for-her lucks or her ....

  • Rana Sinha
    Rana Sinha


  • Helena Hanbasket
    Helena Hanbasket

    Ya think she reads the stuff? HAHAHAHAHA

  • G. William Holt (Son of Anarchy 59)
    G. William Holt (Son of Anarchy 59)

    Stephanie, you look exceptional. It's me, Son of Anarchy 59. Great Photo. Let me invite you to one of the greatest tailgate parties ever imagined. I’m talking about an event to be held in Dyersburg, Tennessee on the 4th of July. Let’s Tailgate USA (my company) will present, July 4th, the 2012 Preseason Pre-Kickoff Tailgate Extravaganza. There will be plenty of BBQ, Chicken, Pizza and more available. Beer and Cold Drinks. The gate price is $45. You can bring your own tailgate gear or use ours. BBQ it yourself or purchase it from our chuck-wagon. 3500 spaces available now. Call Crystal for info and to book a reservation. 731-882-2847. Everyone is welcome and we would love to have attend. There will be plenty of events. Cheerleaders and more.

  • LoLo421

    This is what a woman should be modeling herself to look like. A little bit more realistic than a stick figure. :/

  • Mohamed Elbeze
    Mohamed Elbeze

    sali cava voubile blaje

  • K

    now that is a properly fitting bikini.

  • Mark Keenan
    Mark Keenan

    now thats sexy

  • Rose

    She has some great looking breast, fake or not.

  • DJ

    Nice fat ass!

  • Dak


  • lalunadawn

    Nice photo.

  • its too funny
    its too funny

    by far one of the best pics i've seen :)

  • Michael William
    Michael William

    not bad at all

  • Desiree Traina Altstatt
  • A big fan
    A big fan

    Stephanie has great legs and feet. Yum!

  • Cy

    Gorgeous ... gorgeous ... gorgeous. Hope to hell my woman looks this hot when she is coming up on 43 years old.

  • chris

    very sexy lady

  • Noah

    Not too shabby for a grandmother.

  • Cantor

    [quote=Canadian Bacon]No, she doesn't. YES she DOES....period. JALOUS are SO stupid.

  • rick

    fantastic body.

  • geography queen
    geography queen

    st. barts is NOT on the French Riviera, it's an island on the Caribbean. The French Riviera is in continental France.