Tattoo Du: Heidi Klum's Arm Belongs to Seal

Tattoo Du: Heidi Klum's Arm Belongs to Seal-photo

Project Runway head frau Heidi Klum has emblazoned her arm with a tattoo of husband Seal's name.

The elaborate cursive script takes up most of the gorgeous spokesface's right forearm, and may in fact be the permanent, needled-in variety.

That hissing sound you hear is the prissy intake of breath from fashion photographers around the world: How will we ever cover up a thing like that?

Heidi returns with the new season of Bravo's Project Runway in July. Expect a "create a long-sleeved creation to hide Heidi's tattoo" challenge during the early rounds.

And here's a video of Seal driving like a maniac:




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  • Anonymous

    Her tat is fabulous. You have to look sideways to read 'seal' ... I dont think she is jeopardizing her career...shes already made a name for herself.

  • marc

    seal only earned 3 stars??

  • hispanicatthedisco

    But her heart belongs to me!

  • missamericandream

    I dont like her in these pictures at all...she looks weird :/

  • bawwow


  • hwoodgrrl

    I bet its fake- i dont think she'd jeapordize her career with such a noticeable tat

  • katie999

    i'm lovin the retro hairstyle... her and seal are so lucky to have such a great marriage

  • blondebomb33

    She looks beautiful! But I can't figure out how that reads "Seal"