Taylor Lautner on Taylor Swift Rumors: "YOU Decide!"

Taylor Lautner on Taylor Swift Rumors:

When it comes to confirming or denying romance rumors, Taylor Lautner is  as cagey as his castmates.

The Twilight hunk, who plays beefed-up werewolf Jacob Black in the vampire series, was at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on Friday to give a press conference for the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon. Quite naturally talk turned to his relationship with Fearless singer Taylor Swift.

When asked if the two were, in fact, an item, Lautner replied:

"You guys have seen every single move that I make, so I guess I will leave that up to you to decide."

Well, seeing that your "moves" have included hugging Swift after one of her concerts, going to a hockey game with her, and taking her out to dinner, we're gonna have to interpret that as a "yes," Taylor!

As to whether Swift has followed her usual pattern and written a song about her new beau, Lautner was equally noncommittal:

"That's a scary thing. I dont know if she has, I have no idea. That movie [Valentine's Day] was a lot of fun."

Given that he filmed a kissing scene with Swift for the movie, we bet it was!

Lautner also had some reassuring words for the women of the world. Though he's said before that he'd prefer to keep his shirt on in future movie roles, his bare chest isn't completely off the table:

"If a character requires it, I will [go shirtless]. Like I said before, if a role required me to lose 40 pounds, I would do it."

Well, hey now; let's not go crazy....



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  • ella

    i really think it's true ...believe me i've been watching tmz ......their really in love with each other......o.m.g. it's so romantic

  • christy

    i think the stupid tabloids need to leave celebs alone, who cares if taylor and taylor are together, it's there business, so leave them alone!!!!!

  • Rae

    I completely agree with monalisa008 on her making an album full of songs about him and their breakup and having every little girl that loves her songs feel sorry for her and take her side. I will be one of millions who will hopefully take Taylor L's side. Ugh, that Taylor&Taylor thing is getting on my nerves. She doesn't deserve him.


    I dont really care..... I do think its funny though that if they would end up getting married... both their names would be Taylor Lautner!

  • sydsouth

    * Thanks, * GO.TEAM.TAYLOR!! =)

  • obsessed

    hahahaha!! very funny! i only have this picture, cuz its a cute pic of rob, i should crop taylor out.. though i wont i'll leave him there for you :P

  • sydsouth

    he trying to get rumors started, since he wants to be like rob and kristen * hahah...your profile picture is cracking me up,, Taylor is laughing at you in that picture--lolz!!* =}

  • monalisa008

    I Feel SOO Sorry for Taylor Lautner because if he dumps her whinny ass, she be a bitch and cry, tell every bit of the media who's even INTERESTED and finally, of COURSE, write a WHOLE ALBUM with breakup songs on Taylor L and make Millions... I can See IT NOW. lol

  • obsessed

    he trying to get rumors started, since he wants to be like rob and kristen

  • hannahlovestaylor

    i really don't care who he is dating... cause honestly, it doesnt matter. don't get me wrong, i love him, but i really think that people just need to leave them alone cause they dont LIKE to be bugged to death. anyway.... dont just go on blowing things way up to heaven, cause some things(like this) dont really matter. taylor is the dream that will never come true, but i promise everyone who reads this, that before i turn 20 (and i am 13) i will see him in person. if i dont, i have a knife and i am not afraid to use it on my own throut. i love him, and i will see him if its the last thing i do. ( just a side note, if anyone knows where he lives specifically, i would like to know cause i wrote him a letter and it needs to be sent... :] e-mail me at hannahrose1212r@yahoo.com thanks!!)

  • Sarah

    OH GOD People... The poor kid just started being friends with her or going on dates or whatever (who knows? I don't follow this usual celeb crap) Don't buzzkill something before it even happens! Geez................... Also if you forgot, they are both still regular teenagers who are now in the public eye. I don't care who's dating who. Wrong site to be on huh? ROFL.

  • Cherise

    It's sad how two celebrities of the opposite sex can't be friends without the media trying to persuade them into admitting that they're a couple -_- I mean, there's nothing wrong with being very close to a guy (if you're a [straight] girl) and vice versa without actually having some romance going on between you two. *sighs*

  • sydsouth

    * I love him to death..and am glad he is being smart about his social business--and mature, but even though he was obviously stating an example, the losing 40 pounds thing was a scary thought....anyways...I LOVE TAYLOR L.!!!* =}

  • Ronnia

    Exactly!! Cat your so right. These people that like to but into actors personal lives don't give a rats assets what answers they give. So am just getting ready for it all. First Swift going to get pregnant, then their going to move in together in her condo in Tennessee and then their going to break up. Just in time for Breaking Dawn. Cause you know that Taylor has to be single when he imprints on Nessie. You know that right, some people get off on it all. I understand though sometimes a guy friend is better than a girl thats a friend. But it's unheard of in hollywood.

  • josephine

    gossips and rummors always ruins relationshis for celebrities and well there just trying to prevent that.

  • Rach

    He won't deny because he will get less press if he deny's, so play coy, it will get him in the press more. Personally I think that they are just mates, because as Taylor S has stated they are close, because they are friends with the same group of people, like Selena has also stated he is one of her best friends and she is BFF's with Taylor S.

  • Cat

    I think Taylor was smart to answer like this. part of me thinks he has seen what has happened to Kristen and Rob and knows it doesn't really matter what he says, others will still contort it the way they want. My opinion (like it matters) is that they are teens having fun. I'm pretty sure I had more guy friends than girl friends when I was in high school. Doesn't mean I was dating all of them!