Taylor Momsen's 'Gossip Girl' Absence Explained

Taylor Momsen's 'Gossip Girl' Absence Explained-photo

When news broke yesterday that Taylor Momsen wouldn't be showing up much on the remainder of Gossip Girl's current season, many people wondered; had the 17-year-old actress/musician, who's lately developed a reputation for brash statements, provocative clothing and attitude problems, worn out her welcome on the series?

Fear not, though, T-Moms fans; as it turns out, the absence of Jenny Humphrey is primarily a matter of plot arc. Gossip Girl insiders tell E! Online that Momsen is indeed contracted through the end of the season, but writers have been having difficulty placing her in the season's storylines:

"Jenny isn't in college like everyone else, so it's hard to weave her into the central storylines. We don't want to just bring her in to hang out at the breakfast table with Lily and Rufus and say a line or two—we want a reason to have her there."

And as for Momsen's reported diva-esque tendencies? If they do exist, another source notes, they haven't ruffled feathers on the set:

"Everyone likes her. Her absence really is driven by the story. Anything else is speculative."

Are you relieved or saddened by the fact that Momsen will most likely be reintroduced to Gossip Girl? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • Nonya

    If they wanted her on the show, she would be there.

  • bri

    her attitude disgust me and she is such a beautiful girl and why is it she have to do her face like that with the make up she looks ugly like that i think taylor is trying to be something shes not be yourself and more people will like u and stop bashing rihanna please and totally think your doing a great job in gossip girl and please dress better although i luv some of your clothes

  • wtf

    OMG - the picture gives a hint at how pretty she really is. Now if she could just wash her makeup off and learn how to dress - she could be a beautiful girl. Hopefully this is just a phase she is going through - trying to be tough and bad ass.

  • Nana

    OK. So plase explain me why Vanessa exists in this show? She hates rich people and still shows up every party upper east side people go. It's not like GG writers can't make Jenny to have story line.

  • Marie

    Uhhh, I don't buy it. She said it herself - she has no friends on the Gossip Girl set and clearly no appreciation for the show that "made" her. Everyone is blabbing about her attitude problems, so I somehow doubt that suddenly everybody likes her lol. She's just a little badass-wannabe... even her character is less of an annoying brat than she is.

  • Herman Bumfudle
    Herman Bumfudle

    in other words the network wrote her out of the script, because they wanted someone else to get the celebrity attention that taylor was getting.

  • anon

    i really hope she stays off the show - either that, or, if she must come back, she gets an attitude makeover! so far her character's been incredibly annoying and mean-spirited...

  • Eaton Beaver
    Eaton Beaver

    how 5 year old to say "love love love" ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Jodie Kim
    Jodie Kim

    I lovelovelovelovelovelove Taylor Momsen, and I think she is great in Gossip Girl!

  • mermaidsrock


  • tmomshater

    i will enjoy her absence in gossip girl,, heheee,, just never show up again taylor,,

  • thisisthebest

    thats bullsh*t