Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas: Teenagers in Love

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas: Teenagers in Love-photo

Scuttling tween hearts nationwide, People magazine reports in its September 8 issue that singing brother Joe Jonas, 19, and country prodigy Taylor Swift, 18, are indeed dating.

An unspecified source whispered to the mag that Joe had gone to see Taylor in concert, and Taylor had returned that favor. Subsequently, the pair were spotted eating ice cream not far from Taylor's Tennessee home.

Dating might be overstating the activity between this pair of bred-right teens. When a boy's proudest possession is his purity ring, the whole "going out" concept comes with serious limitations.

But those subliminal phallic urges may be too strong for either teenager to resist much longer.



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  • Lacey Harper
    Lacey Harper

    They are SERIOUSLY! goin out. Thats sad but a very good thing for joe. well yea I'm the first to comment