How is Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Different than Kate Middleton’s?


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  • Darlene

    What I care about what you think about my racial overtunes is about as caring as I feel after I uses shit paper to whip my ass.....And in America on the intenet you can go anywhere to make a comment. Melisa I can give you my personal address bitch and that way you and I can get together so I can fuck you up bitch

  • Melisa S Jensen Rechenmacher
    Melisa S Jensen Rechenmacher

    Besides the racist slur which I disagree with totally, I feel the same way. There is no comparison to royalty who shows grace and respect. Whereas, Ms. Kardashian is a little out there. BUT.... if they didn't matter your ass wouldn't be here typing shit out, now would you?:

  • jesa may
    jesa may

    oh my ! kim is pregnant ? then who's the father ? kanye ? bbbrrrr .... !!!!!

  • Sandi

    kim is just looking for a buck that whole family is just money hungry and will do anything.... Do not compare her to the Princess she a beautiful down to earth person nothing fake about her...................