Tara Reid’s Most Controversial Moments


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  • Hylas Man
    Hylas Man

    Hyla, I noticed you have absolutely no shame. This is a great thing since I need a pretty boy like you to perform degrading rectal cleaning duties while I relax with a stogie after I return from a hot sweaty day workin' in the sewers under the city. As you know, a man's ass can get pretty ripe after soakin' in a pair of tight jeans in hot damp conditions. I need your ass starved enthusiastic tongue to get into places my dog won't even go.

  • QueenyPoo

    No kidding, my gaydar points straight up every time I see that sexy Jewbabe! The things I'd do with his hotdog aren't exactly kosher, if you know what I mean!

  • Buddy Luv
    Buddy Luv

    Forget Tara, it's Hyla that gets me hard. I'd play his rusty tromboner all day!

  • Marc Jacobs
    Marc Jacobs

    Tara Reid gives me a boner!