The Tiger Woods Mockery Tour Continues At The Masters

The Tiger Woods Mockery Tour Continues At The Masters-photo

The Merry Pranksters who were behind the airborne banner that mocked scandal-plauged Tiger Woods yesterday at the Masters have struck again.

The unknown jokesters flew a banner of the Masters tournament today that read, "Sex Addict? Yeah. Right. Sure. Me Too!" Get it? Because Tiger might be a sex addict and people like sex!

Who could be behind these Tiger-targeted airplane banners? Our first hunch is Tiger's former attention-seeking mistress Joslyn James, who held a press conference where she demanded an apology from Tiger because, you know, this is all about her and her feelings. Lord knows she is trying to milk this sex-scandal for all the attention she can get so we wouldn't put off the thought of her pulling pranks at the Masters.

Another guess is Jesse James who could use a break from all the sex-scandal attention he has been getting since news his affairs first broke.

Who do you think is pulling off these pranks? Let us know your guesses in the comments below.



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  • Matt

    leave the guy alone. If he was a Hollywood or rock star, people would be lauding him [think Mick Jagger for example.] Why the double standard? Up till now he was perfect. We all know nobody's perfect so whats the big surprise? Maybe some people are really going after him because he was successful & black, just look at the crap the Williams sisters get.