Tiger Woods Has an Unorthodox Method of Saving His Marriage

Tiger Woods Has an Unorthodox Method of Saving His Marriage-photo

So your marriage is on the rocks thanks to multiple alleged infidelities, and you stand to lose about half a billion dollars in a divorce settlement because you couldn't keep your Love Club (copyright pending) in your pants.

How do you go about patching up your union?

If you're Tiger Woods, you apparently spend the holidays with the woman who tore a meteor-sized hole in the fabric of your marriage in the first place.

According to ET Online, golf legend Woods—who's been accused of sleeping with everything that moves following his Thanksgiving-weekend car accident at his Florida home—was spotted holding hands with rumored mistress Rachel Uchitel at a private Palm Beach, Florida, mansion on Sunday, during a party that was attended by about 300 other revelers.

Sources also report that the two were out merrymaking at Palm Beach's Everglades Club on Saturday night, and according to some rumors the two are secretly shacking up together in the tony Florida town.

Smart move, Tiger. After all, it's common knowledge that, if you want to win someone over, it sometimes helps to spark the seeds of jealousy in their head. And after seeing that she's in danger of losing you forever, your wife Elin Nordegren will no doubt come running back into your arms.

Or smash your skull in with her Five Iron of Vengeance. Whichever...

We can only hope that, during his time-out from golf, Tiger uses his spare time to write a series of self-help books for other, similarly distressed couples.

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  • Rachel is a JOKE!!!
    Rachel is a JOKE!!!

    It's confirmed, Tiger was not partying with that b*@!$! People magazine had their people followed the home-wrecker the whole night at that club all weekend and there was no sign of Tiger. Apparently, the b*@!$ and her friends fabricated the whole story to get more attention and be on the spotlight. OMG, b*@!$ do us all a favor and shut up, better yet, disappear for good!!!! Tiger and Elin belong together! As for you, you belong with a dirt bag that's a low-life just like you.

  • tata

    Mr. Woods you should go back to your wife and kids, because that is the woman who knows you than anybody else a woman who wants to spend the rest of her life with you. Stop eye candying other women is not worth it. When He blessed you with a family, he want you to have that family. Go back to Elin and the kids.

  • wctw

    How come no pics if Tiger was seen by so many people when his pic after Nov 27 was said to cost 300,000... If this e-news is false, I think Tiger should quickly clarify to discontinue people fabricating these horrible negative stories hoping to see his marriage ending in a divorce....

  • This Story is Bogus and a Joke!
    This Story is Bogus and a Joke!

    OMG!!! I just watched Extra on TV, and they were talking about this story. Apparently, there's no confirmation to this alleged Tiger spending Christmas with this b*@!$ story because the only proof they have is a picture of Rachel, herself at the party that she has sent to Extra...HAHAHA!!! When Extra asked where was Tiger? She replied, "Oh, he dodged the camera." HAHAHA, are you serious? This b*@!$ is even more stupid than I thought she was! This is no proof b*@!$, a picture of yourself will only make you the laughing stock of the town. Go do us a favor and get help since you are so cracked up on hallucinating that you will be the next Mrs. Woods...so pathetic! B*@!$ is nothing but an attention whore! Like I said, unless I see real proof or either Tiger or Elin says something, these rumors are getting more and more ridiculous each day. OK magazine and ET Online, you are stupid for reporting this and you're a joke just like that b*@!$! Leave the Woods family alone, so they can heal and when the time is right, Tiger and his wife will be on TV telling the truth, the honest truth.

  • Guest

    Tiger--She is a slut! As are you! Why give up literally a billion dollars in future earnings?The hole you are digging is getting deeper and deeper. And gone is your shot at getting 18 majors. I think history will place you right up their Bill Clinton--too much thinking below the belt undermining what seemed to be a clear shot at immortality. A Stanford Alum

  • TigerCheetah

    TigerCheetah com on Ebay bidding 100,000.00

  • Martina

    Hm, hard to believe! Is he that stupid?I hope not.ANyway why is everybody talking about that Rachel woman? WHo is she or what has she done that is so worthy? OH-she maybe slept withy Tiger Woods-so??!! Also, I don't get why does she have this Gloria lawyer to represent her during this? OK, she has text messages and so on..........,so do the others! Press conference about what? I mean, he was even with porn stars-so what could get or be worse?WHO CARES? Gosh, all of this must be so hard on his wife.

  • Jennifer

    I think all the women who claimed to have slept with tiger are opportunists, just wanted to be famous no matter how shoddy it is to their reputation. It is just so degrading for themselves, at the same time causing so much suffering to Tiger Wood and his family.

  • Disgusted at this Rachel!
    Disgusted at this Rachel!

    I agree with you San Diego Baby. All these rumors are spreading around, I'm sure this b*@!$ and her friends are fabricating this to fuel more argument between Tiger and Elin. B*@!$, dream on on becoming the next Mrs. Woods...so sick! Show us one picture of them still together and stop naming these "unnamed sources" as their proof. Right now, whoever has Tiger's picture, will be worth more than $300K. There's no picture or anything, but yet these brainless people believe the story. PATHETIC! She's a ugly, shameful, trashy, home-wrecking, gold digging piece of s*@!$, so stop giving her her 15 min of fame. OK magazine, you are known to publish untrue stories, no wonder I never even bought a magazine from you once in my life. U SUCK!

  • San Diego Baby
    San Diego Baby

    I'll pass judgment until I see the pics. I'm certain "someone" had to have their mobile phone out to take pictures of that couple, if true.