Tila Tequila's 10 Stages of Grief (PHOTOS)

Tila Tequila seemed pretty emotionally fragile to begin with, so the untimely death of her so-called fiance Casey Johnson and the endless media scrutiny that comes along with that is a potent recipe for a special kind of craziness. For example: These insane photos, which were taken earlier today outside of her home. She's literally up a tree. In fact, one can only begin to make sense of her behavior by trying to understand Tila Tequila's 10 Stages of Grief.

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  • venysia

    is she drunk?

  • totalrapture

    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Tila. And, I'm not judging her because I don't personally know her and her relationship. But when your fiance dies, I don't exactly see myself the giggly, posy girl that she is in these photos..

  • BR

    COOKIE FACE ! LMAO !! Shes just a wh*ore ppl help to be famous...shes not an actress...she thinks she sings...OMG ! tell her to f*ck off ! ops ! she might like it ! hahahahaha

  • Girlycraze

    She's so cute!!! A lil inappropriate, but funny when you know who her character..

  • Josephine

    [quote=Erin Georges]She's icky. This girl needs professional help, she is not grieving at all. She is just seeking for attention and the media is giving it to her. Tila Tequila go sit down somewhere while the parent of Casey mourn quietly for their daughter.

  • sosickofu

    Trash!!!! Normally when i see a post on a celebrity I can't stand I just move on without commenting, but Tila has to dissappear, such a wast of air.

  • berettaayobby

    honestly no matter how anyone feels about tila respect the fact tat she is dealing with a lost of someone she loved dearly.. she is still a person to and she is dealing with it the way she knows how to ... so respect that and just back off .... none of us want to be hated on when we lose someone we want to be left alone too so give her that respect as well

  • kylie

    You have to move on you dumbf*cks.

  • nomko

    Nope sorry I don't see no pain in her eyes haha she looks so happy that papparazzis are outside her house and taking her pictures lol good for her and I feel sorry for this girl, Everything she does was trying to get famous that mtv show what's it called idk, and tried to hooked up with some celebritish people lol poor woman messed up god help her !!!!

  • xox

    omg i hate her so much.. she knew Casey for two weeks and she's obviously just looking for attention right now.. Idk how people can be so stupid andd she said on her twitter she'll be away from twitter because she wanna be with her family and now she's tweeting non-stop.. bit*ch

  • trueandfunny

    if you look in her eyes you can see the pain, and her cheeks look a little puffy and she has bags from crying and staying up....(maybe from drinking??) lol ...on a serious note...she is sad but doesnt know how to handle it, she lost a f buddy

  • Jennifer Blond
    Jennifer Blond

    What the hell is she smiling for? She's happy her fiance passed away? *WEIRD* and just wrong...

  • Me

    Omg, she is annoying!! I am so over these celeb want-a-bees! She just needs to go away, far away! She's ugly, has a flat pancake face!! GET a LIFE.......MONEY Hungry Bitch!!

  • Cindy

    wow. people who don't know sh*t but want to get all offended when someone makes a statement that sh*t killed him! Heck, I'd think so too after seeing these pics just days after he died!!! We just have to remember people: She is NOTHING but an attention whore!

  • Kayla Morris
    Kayla Morris

    I cant stand her.. She has no feeling's and is very selfish.. Nicky Hilton should beat her ass!!!

  • Erin Georges
    Erin Georges

    She's icky.

  • kristinapodaneva

    boobs?????...... plastic girl

  • kristinapodaneva

    bitch! but... we like her :)

  • Sandra Bender
    Sandra Bender

    number one, I don't get this chick. I really don't. She doesn't seem sad...she seems to be using it for MORE attention. Now she's MORE famous or something. Number two, am I the only one upon coming to this site that got an alert for a trojan? Just pointing it out. Could be me....but it came up when I opened this page.

  • Jade Sophie Chadwick
    Jade Sophie Chadwick

    omg her fiances just died and shes stood posing , smiling and climbing trees ! shudnt she at least be wearing black ?

  • edwsazcxszd

    Tila murdered Casey Johnson, pass it on.

  • sportsfan

    Fiance WTF, she was just living with Shawn Merriman less than 2 months ago. She had him arrested on false charges. This is one crazy biatch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yeah

    What a sad sight. It would be a joke if it were not a tragedy. Yep

  • Chantal

    Fiance passes four days ago and you standing around posing, boobs out, smiling to the world, all flirty - It's Disgusting!!!

  • theblogness

    she is sooo ugly mean has no feelings for the poor lady that passed away such a biatch

  • Marianne

    Ummmm wow. Who acts like that when someone they love die? I thought the excessive amounts of tweets hours after Casey died was weird....but like this photo-op thing? Really. Could she possibly be on some kind of drugs? This isn't normal behaviour.

  • Vanessa

    That's not her engangement ring. The ring she's wearing is a different one.

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    I like this pic :D

  • shelb

    This girl is pathetic!!!!

  • alumette

    What a sad sight. It would be a joke if it were not a tragedy.

  • kelly0eminemfan

    [quote=Someone upset]f*ckers.. she's not happy she's angry.. i'll make like this guy who loved britney.. LEAVE HER ALONE ..!!!damn people have no respect and no lives now??! im sorry wtf is there to respect about her ? other then she managed to get her self in the spotlight for a little bit with no real talent other then her great plastic surgeris

  • nick m.
    nick m.

    i like those boobs

  • Someone who's pissed off of fuckers and haters
    Someone who's pissed off of fuckers and haters

    Tila murdered Casey Johnson, pass it on. f*ck you men where u think u are to treat people like that?! u just talk sh*t on her back and u don't even know the truth and anyway get a life damn..!

  • alexa


  • B.

    She does have her ring on, zoom in.

  • noah

    Tila murdered Casey Johnson, pass it on.

  • Vanessa

    I just noticed that she doesnt have her ring on anymore....

  • Someone upset
    Someone upset

    f*ckers.. she's not happy she's angry.. i'll make like this guy who loved britney.. LEAVE HER ALONE ..!!! damn people have no respect and no lives now??!

  • noah

    Nothing turns me on more than gremlin cleavage.