Tila Tequila's 'Shot at Love' Fires Blanks

Tila Tequila's 'Shot at Love' Fires Blanks-photo

The contestants on Tila Tequila's MTV reality dating series A Shot at Love survived her second season of catfights and sexy challenges until, big surprise, the teensy vixen whittled it down to one finalist of each gender.

Totally unscripted.

Appetites were whetted when the MySpace pinup selected bi-curious Kristy over the male finalist, Bo—and then things went awry.

In a tearful confession, Kristy admitted she wasn't ready for a full-fledged committed lesbian relationship. Ha! Little did she know, neither is Tila.

It all ended in a pile of mascara, tears and hair extensions, as Tequila found herself "humiliated" by Kristy's diss.

Sounds like the taste of Tila's cherry ChapStick wasn't quite enough.



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    Poor little gnome.

  • buzzgent

    Yes, with that outfit, love is totes what Tila's after...

  • lisatee

    Too bad. It was TOTALLY true love :) haha...exactly.

  • buzzbuddy

    Too bad. It was TOTALLY true love :)