Top 20 Celebrity Scandals of 2010 (PHOTOS)

In a world where celebrity scandals are the focus of millions, 2010 gave the world more than they could handle.

Whether it was things as ridiculous as Katy Perry's cleavage causing outrage on Sesame Street or serious personal matters like legal woes or marriage-ending affairs, it was an unforgettable year in the celebrity drama department. Hopefully 2011 is a bit more pleasant and positive!

Click through the gallery to reminisce on the 20 biggest scandals of the year!



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  • misskristimusic

    she is so hot :*

  • shaz

    Lindsay lohan is a great girl ....i think she could have a great career only if she hires some mature professionals and she really needs to away from her mom.I think her Mom destroyed her.

  • simplydiffer

    It was a fake kiss. She leaned into the girl in such a way that it appeared they were kissing. Here are her real scandals: 1. The bong thins 2.Highly inappropriate photos 3. Even more inappropriate photos

  • simplydiffer

    Why isn't this number 1? I mean this stuff was hilarious.

  • simplydiffer

    I'll miss her hotness in Transformers. I'm not watching the 3rd one. Not a chance. Without her, there's no reason