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  • Pleased Reborn Year everyone! :)

  • It's easy to do, but the text will no longer be editable.

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  • It essentially reverses the mask and gives us just what we want.

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  • I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

  • Then press Command-I (PC: Ctrl-I) to invert the white mask and fill it with black instead of white.

  • If you want to see what your image looks like without a specific layer style applied to it, click on the little Eye icon next to the Drop Shadow layer style in the Layers panel to hide just that layer style.

  • In previous versions of Photoshop (CS3 and CS4), Adobe started doing some really neat things with layers.

  • in turin, mistakenly triggered explosives detection system in december, three centers help families and children of kirov region will receive transportation and equipment muscovite: muslim clinic - is kosovo in moscow! Surgutneftegaz: senseless move moneyWarren Buffett invested in Goldman Sachs five billion dollars in bogdanovic on suspicion of robbery arrested two minors iran gave the u.s. the role of the world's largest exporter of pistachios Strengthening of the dollar to the Russian market is in terms of trends of the global currency market, where the euro-dollar for the first time since the beginning of the age now dropped below $ 1.44 dollars per euro. at a time, but dealers say how much profit dollar for the ruble was more significant than it was only a desire to influence developments in the euro-dollar pair. Perhaps an additional stimulus of demand for the currency are growing geopolitical risks and expectations in this regard, enhancing the output of non-residents of the Russian market. According to analysts from Renaissance Capital, for despite some easing of political tensions in recent days, a significant improvement in sentiment in the Russian financial market has not happened. The Russian stock market, investment sentiment barometer of employee again falls. Against this backdrop, the price of the ruble to the currency basket continues snizhatsya.Kak analysts said the company "Forex Club", the US price has once again demonstrated against the profit of all of its European competitors, which may include the Russian ruble. to combat the dollar forces the Europeans gave the fears of market participants according to the state of the economies of Europe and Asia. Additional incentive for the strengthening dollar were the prices for oil, continue to decline. the image analyst at the bank Globex, Vladimir Abramov, now a morning rally the dollar has continued.Prospects for the European economies are negative, how provoking capital flight. same number of points of application of capital now will soon decline. Investing in oil and raw materials is likely to lead to significant losses since formed a strong downward trend. A similar pattern with gold, according to him, and formed a downward trend due to the fall of physical demand. Due to the growing risks and falling prices for raw materials lose their pleasantness and assets in emerging markets. Is still here though oh mediator as desheveyuschaya oil - quotes can all bad for a mark of 100 dollars per barrel. Such a move is fueling the idea of undoubted benefit desheveyuschey oil recovery of the US economy. Accordingly, and because of this pleasantness of dollar assets increases. The current mood of the market is such as to interfere with the offensive "American" can only be a very important negative with the US like a possible poor statistics according to the labor market, the release is scheduled for Friday. in this case, the Possibility of stopping dollarhotya a correction.Similar records: