Toxic Photos: Top 10 Celebrity Rehab Grads

Kirsten Dunst, you're off to a good start.

Your recent stay at the Cirque Lodge—for, as you call it, "depression"—proved you're ready to join the big leagues and play Hollywood's favorite game du jour: Celebrity Rehab Roulette.

But you still have a long way to go, girl. You're already 26, and you're still on your first 12 steps. In this town, that earns you a supporting role at best.

Take a tip from the Top 10 Countdown of rehabitués to your right and up your game.

Go ahead and spin out in the Cirque Lodge's revolving door!

Like the Top 10...and this guy...and these'll may find the experience addictive.



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  • ballier88

    kristen dunst grosses me out

  • notobsessed

    lets make a bet on how many of these trainwrecks goes back by the end of 2008? im placing my bets on lilo and doperty

  • rforrumor

    ewwwww Kirsten Dunst ewwwww

  • pictureperfect

    I'm surprised this list isn't longer.