Trevor Donovan Bringing Some Hotness To '90210'

Trevor Donovan Bringing Some Hotness To '90210'-photo

90210 had just started filming their second season and boy are things going to get hot!

The newest addition to the cast is Abercrombie & Fitch model-turned-soap star Trevor Donovan, who will be replacing Dustin Milligan as the hot and popular high school stud.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Donovan will play Teddy, West Beverly’s own version of JFK Jr. and will be a heavily recurring character.

He previously appeared on Days of Our Lives as bad boy Jeremy Horton for four months in 2007.

We can only imagine the drama he'll cause!

Readers, hot or not? Like that's even a hard question, but you decide!



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  • Peter

    Trevor Donovan is also GAY...

  • AC

    Why did they write Dustin Milligan off? He was much prettier and doesn't give off the "creepy old guy who pretends to go back to high school to hit on under-age chicks" vibe.

  • gina day
    gina day

    Are you blind???? this man is beautiful. better than the uglies on the show now

  • nanuck

    u must be looking in the mirror hunny. this man is a wet dream

  • underwarequeen

    fanfreakin tastic i'll watch him read the phone book!!!!

  • jordanBass

    Can I buy trevor on ebay :-) I

  • Riley90210

    Guy and girl alike can agree GOOD JOB for bringing back OG 90210 this guy is very very attractive and i've seen him on the soap and he's not just a pretty face. He brings out feelings in me so for sure I'm watching

  • Kevin Kane
    Kevin Kane

    Trevor is pure white hunky blondness He has the best lips so sexy i want to bite them :-)

  • Joan

    I'd rather feed my eyeballs to a wolverine than look at this smut. Shame on you Celebuzz. Shame on you! Trevor is pure white hunky blondness

  • Harriet

    Very glad they cast him. Our game night girls here in Nebraska will be big Teddy supporters. Go Teddy!

  • lagirl

    Ok, few things, one Trevor is EXTREMELY HOT and couldn't be a better pick for the 90210 cast. Diana..I'm going to guess that you never watched the original 90210 or you would know that Trevor is sort of playing a modern day Steve Sanders and Ian Ziering was over 30 when he played the part. Ted, I can tell you with the utmost certainty that he is a far cry from being hung like a hamster, quite pleasurably ;) the complete opposite. Love you Trevor, screw these haters!!! XOXO

  • jillian

    He is absolutely stunning and pure hotness

  • lindsey

    Trevor is HOT and is going to make this great

  • yovene

    He's SEX on wheels

  • peter paul
    peter paul

    You are a fatty, Trevor is super hot

  • tata

    dustin milligan must go on in the show!!! i dont like trevor ... pleaseeeee dustin comeback!!!

  • johnny

    I have a new gay man crush and his name is Trevor Donovan. 90210 is my new favorite show

  • liz

    Best choice ever and couldn't be hotter - Trevor Donovan is hottness

  • Steve

    Hottest guy in Hollywood! I'm so glad the producers of 90210 don't base their decisions on the opinion of silly 12-year-old little girls! ;) Hotness and style is what Trevor is all about!

  • giuletta

    now that's a real man!

  • Ted

    Bet he's hung like a hamster!

  • Diana

    A 30-year old is playing a high school student. Mid-20s I understand, but 30?

  • lori

    Trevor Donovan is really really gorgeous good job CW

  • shizzy

    he is so HOT i cannot wait to see a good looking guy on 90210

  • noah

    I'd rather feed my eyeballs to a wolverine than look at this smut. Shame on you Celebuzz. Shame on you!

  • vika

    he is so UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!