Evan Peters Joins Cast of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / April 24, 2015
Breaking American Horror Story: Hotel news! AHS alum Evan Peters has officially joined the cast. More »

Matt Lauer to Kim Kardashian: ‘Are You Self-Obsessed?’

By: Jess Cohen / April 24, 2015
Matt Lauer is asking Kim Kardashian the tough questions during their upcoming sit-down interview. More »

15 Photos of Patrick Dempsey to Help You Cope with Last Night’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

By: Taylor Rock / April 24, 2015

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen’s Movies And TV Shows Are Coming To Nickelodeon

By: Huffington Post / April 24, 2015
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may not know if they’re returning for Fuller House, but they’ll definitely be all over TV soon. More »

This Is How We’d Like to Remember Derek Shepherd

By: Peggy Truong / April 24, 2015
[Warning: the following contains a major spoiler from the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy]. More »

Bruce Jenner: ‘I Hope I’m Going to Be OK’

By: Peggy Truong / April 24, 2015
Diane Sawyer asks Bruce Jenner to be the reporter for a second in this new clip from their highly anticipated interview, set to air tonight (Apr. 24, 2015). More »

WATCH: Scott Disick Ditches Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian for Las Vegas

By: Jess Cohen / April 23, 2015
Scott Disick leaves pregnant Kourtney Kardashian in Los Angeles while he goes to Las Vegas, in a new clip from this Sunday's Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Watch the clip below! More »

Martha Stewart Is Coming to ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ Sort Of

By: Kendall Fisher / April 23, 2015
From Alex's return to finally figuring out Vee's fate, the upcoming season of Orange Is the New Black already has us excited enough, but it's turning the dial up yet again with the latest news: Martha Stewart will be joining the ladies in orange. More »

WATCH: Chris Pratt Reminisces on Van Roommates in Maui With Ellen Degeneres

By: Mia Lardiere / April 23, 2015
You know what they say — 'If the van's a rockin, feel free to hang out with some nachos in the back seat.' Chris Pratt stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show (airing today, April 23, 2015) to talk about his family vacation to Maui, the set of his new movie, 'Jurassic World'. More »

WATCH: Bruce Jenner Describes ‘Emotional Roller Coaster’ in New Diane Sawyer Promo

By: Peggy Truong / April 23, 2015
As the world gears up for Friday’s two-hour Bruce Jenner interview, ABC has released yet another 30-second teaser. More »

WATCH: Russell Crowe Sings ‘Balls in Your Mouth’ with Jimmy Fallon

By: Michael Prieve / April 23, 2015
Actor Russell Crowe teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to sing an Earth Day "protest song" against BP. More »

Amber Portwood to Farrah Abraham: ‘Get Over Yourself’

By: Gabrielle Chung / April 22, 2015

8 Quotes That Prove Gina Rodriguez Is the Perfect Role Model

By: Kendall Fisher / April 22, 2015
After watching Gina Rodriguez's tearful and brilliant acceptance speech at the 2015 Golden Globes, we knew immediately we had a true gem on our hands in Hollywood. More »

WATCH: Robert Downey Jr. Walks Out of Interview After Reporter Gets All ‘Diane Sawyer’

By: Peggy Truong / April 22, 2015
Here’s one way to get on Robert Downey Jr.’s bad list. More »

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Speak Out About ‘Full House’ Spinoff

By: Jess Cohen / April 22, 2015
Will Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen appear on the just-announced Full House spinoff? They just spoke out about the show, and their answer might actually surprise you! More »

That Time Farrah Abraham Tried to Start a Twitter War With a Penis Joke

By: Gabrielle Chung / April 21, 2015
Leave it to someone who starred in Backdoor Teen Mom to stir up some shit. More »

WATCH: Amy Schumer Goes Inside Her Vagina With David Letterman

By: Mia Lardiere / April 21, 2015
We love it when Amy Schumer opens up. More »

Ariana Is ‘Good’ After Big Sean Breakup, Starts Work on ‘Scream Queens’

By: Michael Prieve / April 21, 2015
Despite Ariana Grande having just split from Big Sean, things seem to be going just fine for the teacup sized chanteuse. More »

WATCH: ‘Bachelorette’ Teaser Reveals How ‘Cray’ This Season Will Be

By: Natasha Reda / April 21, 2015
The new Bachelorette teaser reminds us exactly why guys shouldn't be allowed to choose between two women. … More »

WATCH: John Stamos Confirms ‘Full House’ Reunion and Spinoff Are Happening

By: Natasha Reda / April 21, 2015
The rumors are true. Full House is returning to TV in a 13-epsiode Netflix spinoff. More »

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