'Twilight' Sequel Cast: More Shake-Ups?

'Twilight' Sequel Cast: More Shake-Ups?-photo

The drama surrounding the cast and crew of Twilight has just taken a couple of new twists.

Following news that 53-year-old director Catherine Hardwicke had been 86ed from the planned sequel New Moon in favor of Golden Compass helmsman Chris Weitz, 39, and that actor Taylor Lautner, 15, most likely won't be reprising the role of werewolf Jacob Black, MTV reports that two new actors are being fast-tracked for parts in the upcoming flick.

Filming is scheduled to begin in a little more than two months.

Lautner's likely successor is Scorpion King 2 actor Michael Copon, whom Weitz is said to be seriously considering for the Jacob Black role. And that's apparently A-OK with the 26-year-old Copon, who updated his Facebook page with messages reading, "Michael Copon [is] in a Twilight Zone!" and "Michael Copon is the older Jacob Black!"

Way to show enthusiasm, Michael—and to rub it in Taylor Lautner's face when he's already down.

Also lobbying for a New Moon role is Ben Barnes, best known for his title role in this year's Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The 27-year-old is said to have the inside track for the role of mind-reading vampire Aro thanks to his already existing popularity with Twilight fans.

It probably doesn't hurt that he shares the same agent as Twilight star Cam Gigandet.

Unless, of course, Gigandet is the next one to get the heave-ho from the budding franchise. Much like vampires, show biz can really suck sometimes.



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  • montanna

    Hi my name is montanna and i live in australia, i like all of these actors, but personally i think that taylor lautner is a good actor for this role. he may not look like what he is meant to in the books but who is perfect? We have all read the books and we all have our own versions of what all the characters look like. ALL of my friends and i in australia think that taylor lautner is better of in this movie, i mean the other two actors dont look like jacob, and it will look weird if there are different jacobs throughout the movie(s). I really do hope that taylor lautner stays as jacob throughout the rest of the series because i think he and the other actors have done a heck of a job to get to where they are now. : ) go twilight series you rock !!!

  • TwilightNonense

    I hear they're considering casting Verne Troyer in the lead. LOL! i like you...you should be on the lead.

  • brittanyblack

    i rather have taylor lautner as jacob black michael copon is too old and too ugly , immature to play jacob black i don't care what people say taylor is jacob black

  • Samantha Mae
    Samantha Mae

    Personally.... I think that Steven Strait would be a far better Jacob Black than Michael Copon could be... and Taylor isn't mature enough in appearance, so he needs to be replaced - and Steven Strait is the perfect man for the job!

  • chet

    Why can't summit just have taylor wear elevator shoes if his height is the problem? I heard copon is 6 ft tall but can he act?

  • Fdfg

    Taylor is 5 years old and really not that attractive. Change the actor!

  • sela

    TEAM TAYLOR! hes perfect for the role,and point blank hes sexy.

  • TwilightFansRNuts

    Taylor Lautner might have been ok, just ok in my opinion, as Jacob in Twilight, but there is no way he can pull off Jacob in any of the other books. I think it is smart for them to cast someone older with a more mature body. I know all these girls say they won't see the movie without Taylor, but it isn't coming out for another year and maybe by then they will have actually hit puberty and realize that Taylor is not the best for Jacon in books 2-4.

  • WereCullenGurl101

    okay, i posted on another page too, but both of those other guys are hideous (okay, it might just be for the part of jacob that makes me think that they suck so badly) but really guys, taylor was pretty much perfect, and i really don't think the other two will cut it as jacob the people at summit don't know how screwed over they are if they let him (taylor) go! i know that i personally won't see the movie and a bunch of my friends won't either!

  • nicole stewart.
    nicole stewart.

    taylor is perfect! and taylor is even better like jacob than michael copon.

  • lulu77

    i think they are right...taylor is so young to play a mature role

  • sbaran

    I think that Star Trek guy, Pine would be a better fit. Who better to play the werewolf?

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I hear they're considering casting Verne Troyer in the lead.

  • bawwow

    sucks for taylor, but yea he looks like he's 12

  • buzzgent

    I'd bang both of these wolves! Huh? The one's only 16? sh*t...who's at the door? The Feds? [jumps out window]