The Twisted World According to Hulk Hogan

The Twisted World According to Hulk Hogan-photo

Woe is Hulk Hogan. The wrestler, reality-TV star and father of two sat in on Larry King Live last night to plead his case. Hulk's son, Nick Bollea, is in a Florida jail serving eight months for the alcohol-related drag-racing crash that left his buddy in a vegetative state.

From the first day he entered jail, the kid has done nothing but complain about his treatment and beg to come home because "the cell is smaller than my bathroom."  

The Hulkster wants the world to know "there's been a lot of reckless reporting that isn't accurate." Alrighty, then, let's take it from the top:

• Did his son drink alcohol Hulk himself bought? "I bought alcohol and took it out on the boat for the adults. Nick does not drink in my presence."

• Was he allowed to whip around in a souped-up sports car despite previous citations? "Nick had a couple tickets. You know, one was when I was with him."

• Did Nick beg his dad to line up a reality show so "I will make the most money"? Uh-huh. 

• Would he be pushing for empathy if the situation were reversed and it was Nick who was splayed out like sashimi? "Yes, I would feel, simply because of religiously and spiritually where I'm at—I would forgive."

• What's behind this entire nightmare? "Things happen for a reason. This is to make Nick a better person. In my belief, this is to make John a better person."

Ohhhh-kay, don't think a vegetative state is going to lead anyone toward being a better person. In a word, it was one uncomfortable hour. Judge for yourself...



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  • Tai

    Hulk Hogan and his family should be blacklisted from Hollywood and nobody should give them an entertainment contract ever again - now that would be Karma.

  • jean

    REGARDING HULK HOGANS SON; Do you really believe that his punishment fits the crime. Nick is surely broken hearted that his actions though not intentional have his dear friend in a coma. you, the justice system are using him as an example and are proving once again that there is no have him in isolation that you would put your most hardened criminals in. Thats Florida for you once again it shows the rest of the world that it is no better than a 3rd world country. are you trying to tell the world that this is how you will punish all 17 year old children in the United States when they drink and drive and get into an accident,or are you doing this to him because his father is famous. He used poor judgment and should have some kind of punishment but not the same as someone who intentionally kills or injures another human being. My heart goes out to John the poor young man that is now in a coma and his family but even they must see how wrong this is. What can be done to help put this 17 year old with others his age with a similliar crime he also needs to have a re-trial. You are all in my prayers

  • reddesires

    This man and and his trailers trash family should admit whats happened and it's their fault. Instead they open their big mouths and confirm their worthless.

  • mraniston

    i love the outfit - classic hulk hogan

  • notobsessed

    sucks that the entire country knows what an awful man he is, along with his entire family. shame on them. move away!

  • ballier88

    i mean he seems sincere in the tapes but their whole fam is pretty messed up

  • dancingqueen

    i don't think i want to watch any of these videos... just reading this story makes me mad.

  • pictureperfect

    This makes John a better person? That just boils my blood.