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  • I love Big Time Rush because they are great people. I have never met them, but from hearing stories about them and just seeing videos of them, I truly know they are down to earth. Logan, Kendall, Carlos, and James all work SO hard at everything they do! They care about their fans so much and it shows! Not a lot of celebrities are like that, it's amazing! It seems that a lot of famous people change after a while, but Big Time Rush doesn't. Sometimes, to me, the boys don't seem like they are really famous, they seem just so down to earth like just "normal" people. The music Big Time Rush makes is amazing, I love it! Their songs have great lyrics that have meaning. I can tell they take their time in writing songs that are just right. Plus, they are AMAZING singers! All of the harmonies are just perfect. When I'm listening to Big Time Rush, it feels like they are just singing to me! Another thing, the boys are good looking haha they are perfect! I can't find a single flaw in any of them. My dream is to meet the four boys that inspire me and just hug them and say thank you for everything they do and just for being them!