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  • I accidently clicked the like button,so my bad.But we both know she sexier than you!
  • She is not!Back off!At least she can sing!Let's focus on that!Leave her alone!Haters are soooooooooooooooo uncool and against the law in my state!So if you don't like what you see,then GET THE FCK OFF!!!True fact!Go suck your balls under that tree you humped last night!So basicallly what I'm trying tod say is LEAVE HER ALONE!Case closed!
  • My Valentine is James because he is of course extremely HOTTT,but there's so much more to him that alot people do not see or notice.I read his Bio on wikipedia,and I was literally inspired.He is very inspiring,very talented,and full of versatility.One of the things I love about him is his eyes,also his warm heart,plus his jaw-dropping smile.He is generous,sweet,funny,athletic,and so on.He is what makes Big Time Rush------Big Time Rush.I look up to him as a person,an artist,and an idol.Well---I know I'm not going to win because I lose every contest I enter...So,I only hope for one thing,which is that whomever skim's and scans through all these comments,is to at least read mine.Thank you for allowing me to comment,appreciate it.Goodbye and have a wonderful day to those who reads what I put.God Bless<3