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  • [quote=Tanya]And this is what my daughters have to look up to?? I don't think so. Nothing but tramps in media these days. I don't understand why these famous females think they have to be prostitutes (selling their bodies to dirty old men for fame and fortune) to make it in life. Even the not-famous females. Thank GOD I have an engineering degree to fall back on. Hopefully my girls will see me as a better role model. I may not have fame and fortune but at least I have respect.[/quote] Yes there are a lot of tramps in the media but lets not call all famous females sluts. You can't forget about Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.
  • thats just wrong on so many levels. While America is trying to stop the Sexting/Porn issue people go out and pose for magazines with nothing on, (paint does not count as clothing) were today's youth can see it at any time they please. Way to watch out for the for the insecure teens who look up to you.
  • [quote=obsessed]why was this part not in new moon!!!!! ughh im so mad.[/quote] It was. This is the scene where Bella runs into Edward full speed and tells him she is alive and that he needs to get out of the sun. They just have more lighting the than there was in the movie
  • OH MY GOD! This is the most clothes she's had on in two years!
  • [quote=s]blame the hillbillie parent.[/quote] Being a hillbilly has nothing to do with it. She is 9 YEARS OLD! she doesn't understand what that means, she just knows thats how the dance goes
  • [quote=jen]thats not a sex face thats a "OH SHT! I GOT KICKED IN THE BALLS!" face![/quote] Haha, i totally agree!
  • God must have broke the mold when he made him because I've never seen anyone as sexy as him. I'm still team Edward but just saying.
  • [quote=obsessed]paul is the hottest wolf[/quote] I must say, out of the three wolves in this picture paul is the hottest, the rest in the picture are kind of flabby if you know what I mean, just compared to paul and jake. Taylor is by far the hottest/most fit!
  • [quote=loubna] GOOOOO...TEAM EDWARD/TEAM ROBSTEN...YEAAAAAAAAAAY +_+[/quote] They broke up at least two weeks ago but I must agree GOOOOOOOOOO.....Team EDWARD!!!!!
  • [quote=Kerrie]oh- and because him dressed up as Harry Potter instead of Cedric is way more funny :)[/quote] there isn't a difference... If he were Harry then they should at least but a lightning bolt on his head