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  • I hope this would be longer. For me, a child must always have mom and dad. If its parents are so promiscuous to jump from one bad to another, from one relations to another - this proves the world goes mad. I hope Natalie will be happy forever together with the guy "of a thousand legs" (this is the translation of his last name)/
  • I guess America is so liberal that only in America gays can affirm they are gays. In many countries there are so many homos who don't know or tend not to know they are homos but suffer in marriage or hetero relations. In Russian ballet there are many male dancers who are straight, but yeah, your right, some of them are gays but many try not to show it, because they can be hurt by "very straight" agressive males in the street.
  • In my opinion, killing animals for food isn't right but HOW WOULD I LIVE without meat??? It tastes so good! But every time I eat it I feel guilty. Things about star vegetarians have a certain weak point, you know. They are rich and they have plenty of means to look gorgeous without eating meat. But in poor countries those who don't eat much meat are not very healthy, so the previous guy was right, my vego-pals also look not so good. All I want to say - a really balanced vego-diet costs A LOT, I believe it.