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  • really ya''s just flour. kim got over it now you need to. rediculous. i'm confused though. don't anti fur activist throw red dye of animal blood on their victims?
  • actually sweety it doesn't count for a kid who is 16 or 17 if they are with someone 18 or 19. if they were to have sex it's legal. it would be seen as just teen sex. if he's 17 and she's 18 or 19 it is not statutory rape hun. especially if it's consensual. And 2nd why do parents blame the celebs. I mean parents should be smart enough to teach their child the difference between Selena and Justin and them. Parents need to stop raising their kids by the TV and be REAL PARENTS. if the kid doesn't have parents to teach them that "mimicry is wrong. be your own person. don't copy what others do" then that's on the parents. it's not Justin and Selena's fault. and Justin has 8 months before he is 18 sweets so your argument won't hold up well for too much longer. Get over it.