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  • My inner and back of my thighs for sure! One of the toughest part of any body, especially a girls.
  • Moneyball: because it's one of those movies that had you on your seat at the very end...and there's nothing like that kind of feeling :)
  • My favorite tip that I've first learned was to always apply bottom eyeliner before top. Your eyes will always pop!!
  • My name is Chelsea Robidoux and y fiance, Ben Roussel, and I met at very difficult times in both our lives. Ben had suffered a heart complitation while trying out for the Rhode Island State Police and literally watched his dream of being a State Police Officer go down the drains. And I recently lost 30 pounds but was dealing with the aftermath of gossip coming from people who believed that I lost the weight in an healthy way. It was like we were meant to met each other to in order to save each other from going down a dark path and not coming out of it. We were both each's other guiding light and we helped each other overcome obsticles that didn't seem possible to overcome just months before. Who knows were we would be today if we haven't met each other but all I know was that he was my saver. He tells me everyday that I'm beautiful inside and out no matter what anyone says about me. He's the only man who can make me laugh when I believe I can't even lend a smile. He's my bestfriend and I can't wait to walk down the isle and become Mrs. Benjamin Roussel! [img] and I!-340_255.jpg[/img]
  • “I want to win a signed copy of True Whit!”